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When becoming more sustainable with your life and specifically your clothing, you notice the brands tend to have more to them, they have a community or a connection built from within their brands to their customers, something which keeps bringing them back shopping again and again. Something with Berlin based brand Yahmo have ensured is in their deep roots too.

The fashion brand base out of Germany's capital City, is one filled with culture and creativity. Yahmo produces ethically made men's and women's garments. 'that expresses a sentimentality for the past', the brand promotes. With storytelling designs, the patterns and the colours are certainly ones with a vintage feel to them whilst featuring subtle hints of modern day life. Boasting the use of eco-friendly materials, the sustainable brand originally launched with a collection of 'colourful one-of-a-kind bomber jackets', which they produced out of entirely reused Indian textiles and have since then continued and enhanced their mission 'to transform the sustainable fashion industry with a focus on expression and creativity.'

The brand have a very unique connection for their customers, building their foundations on a feeling of anemoia, the brand told us, 'Driven by anemoia, the feeling of nostalgia for a time you’ve never known, we create ethically made women's & men's wear that expresses a sentimentality for the past.' certainly something that connects with their growing customer base and something that keeps them returning too.

Founders Isabell and Johannes found themselves indulged in a city of vibrant and raw culture. Something they thought was absent from the industry of sustainable fashion so in 2016 they launched Yahmo and since have never looked back.

Their garment lines include their founding bomber jacket, up-cycled silk shirts and kimonos amongst other lines. All keeping within the brands ever-present ethos and ethical outlook, whilst incorporating that thing that makes there brand so different from many out there, anemoia.

You can shop the full collection from Yahmo over at