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Forever looking for the perfect clothes to workout in? Whether it be to workout down the gym or at a Yoga class, you want it to be comfortable, affordable and of course stylish. What if I told you there was a company that did all the hard work for you and it could even save you move compared to if you brought them individually off the shelves? Well...

Good news for you, there is! YogaClub... it's the premier activewear subscription box that styles you for at least 50% off retail prices so you can look good and feel good for less. Like many subscription boxes they give you a little quiz online to find a little more out about you and what you like to make sure they send you style you're going to want to wear over and over again. Once this is completed their stylists put together your profile and your box all for just $79!

Finding clothes to work out in has truly never been easier to do. Speaking to the brand about the average value of the boxes and what you get they told us, 'Each subscription box your stylist will handpick a 3-piece outfit based on your style. Each box contains on average $160 of retail value yoga and workout apparel for just $79.'

This is certainly something that is just going to keep growing. People have so many choices, for so long we wanted these choices, but now it seems like there is too many. People want help, people want assistance. Plus what's the worst that could happen? You get something you don't like? Just return it! BUT of course that wont happen and from YogaClub you'll be getting the hottest styles and trends from some of the biggest brands.

Why not sign up today! Head over to now and subscribe to the future of clothes shopping.


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