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2 Entrepreneurs - 1 one million pound brand

  • entrepreneurs Samantha Kitchen and Richard Greenwood discovered that chemical cleaners were causing significant air pollution and killing good bacteria

  • The two entrepreneurs realised that using probiotics was the answer, increasing good bacteria on surfaces and in turn lowering infection levels

  • We Are Probiotic has now given life to more than 1 trillion probiotics and is worth more than £1M with sales projected to increase 1983%

Two entrepreneurs have created a £1M brand after discovering that probiotics are the future of cleaning, not harsh chemical cleaners that are harmful to the environment and peoples’ health.

Since creating We Are Probiotic in 2019, founders Samantha Kitchen, 34, and Richard Greenwood, 45, have helped give life to more than 1 trillion probiotics with sales projected to increase 1983% YOY.

The two entrepreneurs had their lightbulb moment after becoming increasingly concerned by the effects of chemical cleaners that are found and used in most homes and businesses.

Samantha Kitchen, co-founder of We Are Probiotic, explains: “We visited various schools testing the air quality and found there was a significant spike in air pollution after the cleaners had been.

“After we investigated, we found that the potentially dangerous gasses produced by standard, chemical cleaning products remained in the air hours after application. That was when we realised that we had to find a solution.”

The solution of probiotics came following months of research. Probiotics are natural organisms that are also referred to as “good bacteria” or “helpful bacteria”. They are a vital component to nature and to immune systems and are nature’s recyclers, breaking down matter to its basic biological structure and outcompeting the bad bacteria.

Samantha continued: “Large corporations have been promoting cleaning products that ‘kill’ for far too long. We don’t want products that ‘kill’ beneficial microbes and we certainly don’t want consumers to use products that have contributed to ever increasing health problems in humans and animals.

“Probiotics on the other hand feed on grime, dust mite waste, allergens and organic matter. They do this for days after application and the more you use them, the more they will dominate your home, leaving no room for pathogens, allergens and other nasties to feed and multiply.

“After realising the science behind these incredible microscopic allies we set to work to create a cleaning product that utilised them. We Are Probiotic cleaning sprays create healthy indoor ecosystems, they clean better, boost our immune systems, help the planet and are 100% organic.”

We Are Probiotic teamed up with brewing partner, Microbz, who are as passionate about probiotics as Samantha and the We Are Probiotic team are. Since then they have worked together to give life to more than 1 trillion microorganisms.

These probiotic cleaning products are the future of cleaning according to the two entrepreneurs. “Once we had our product, we put it to the test, we used our products in a local care home for a month and the results were more promising than we could imagine, there was a 90% increase in hygiene compared to chemical cleaning products and the air quality in the home was significantly healthier.” Samantha explains.

In addition, We Are Probiotic has also become the first completely Earth Beneficial cleaning range, going beyond eco-friendly and actually bettering the planet with refillable bottles, carbon neutral production, beneficial bacteria and 100% natural ingredients that are indispensable to peoples’ health and the environment.

After a successful first year, We Are Probiotic wants to continue its growth during 2021, firmly cementing probiotics in the cleaning conversation.

The brand is currently working with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) completing multiple tests to further prove how well probiotics can clean and help the environment in doing so.

Over the next year multiple studies will take place looking into the properties and efficacy of probiotics on surfaces, the studies will produce a range of results which We Are Probiotic believe will help further increase the switch consumers will take from chemical cleaners to probiotics.


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