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3 Day Detox

Earlier this month we teamed up with Nosh Detox, taking on their 3 day detox and to see if you do actually benefit from doing a detox.

On March 7th 2018 I underwent the Nosh detox 3 day detox, my mind set before doing this was 'This is going to be easy', The packaged arrived on the 6th and I spent some time reading through the books which told me what was going to happen to my body throughout the detox, I was somewhat surprised on how quick your body can kick out all the bad to make way for the good.

Throughout this detox I wasn't allowed to eat. I was given a day-to-day meal plan, this told me when it was best to drink water, herbal teas and of course my detox juices. I am a foodie I love to eat so not being able to eat for 3 days was what I thought would hit me hardest during this detox.

So day 1 began, up early water, herbal tea and first juice all drunk before 8:30am. It stated it's most vital I kept myself hydrated during the detox. by the end of day 1 I was feeling hungry, for each day there was 5 different juices, all filling different needs for the the body, the 4th drink of the day was to be drunk around 4:30pm - 5:00pm throughout all three days this particular juice contained 'Green Synergy Powder', this is essentially a load of 'super greens' blended together.

So the morning of day two was when I felt it most, I got up nice and early without any problems had my water, herbal tea and first juice of the day but I was starving, my body was perfectly fine I didn't need and food because at the moment its getting all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep going and to clean out all the anti-bodies and bad stuff.

So in the book I read before undergoing this detox I stated that day 3 would be the hardest day, this is because its the day that it all leaves the body, the body is now resetting itself to a 'cleaner version'. Waking up on day 3 was even easier I was feeling refreshed, whether this was me subconsciously thinking that i'm feeling refreshed or whether it was the detox actually showing significant signs of working I don't know but I was feeling very refreshed and ready to go for my final day.

So as usual I have my water herbal teas and morning juice before 8:30am and so far everything is still all good, I'm still a little hungry but that would be natural. Then it got to around 11am and I started to really feel it, I became irritable and slightly grumpy but this only lasted till 1:30pm when I had my 'Recharging' Juice the 3rd of the day, after I had this juice my body seem to of relaxed it self and start to perk up. by the til the 4th juice came to drinking I was feeling lively refreshed. It was a strange feeling because over the 3 days it felt like what I was doing to my body was denying of what it wants and what I thought it needed, whereas I was giving it what it needs and what it actually wants.

My view of detox's are very good. I would highly recommend undergoing one of these and if you can try the 7 days, thats what I intend to do over the summer. Nosh helped a lot along the way and were there if I ever had any questions. I think with these types of things is all about timing, I wouldn't advise doing a detox if your schedule is literally jam packed because you might become more stressed because your feeling hungry ect, but if you've got 3 'quiet' days I would highly recommend taking on a detox, you will feel so much better and refreshed after doing so.

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