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Is easter losing its chocolate connection?

Each year millions hit their local supermarkets to find the best deals on easter eggs but we are asking is the connection with easter and the chocolate egg fading away? Without a doubt many of us will be receiving chocolate eggs on easter Sunday as a tradition but would you rather be given something else?

Candy Kittens owned by Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing and his business partner Edward Williams are leading a campaign this year to take down chocolate in a movement which will see people switch to a chewy / soft sweet instead of the standard egg. The Campaign 'Say No To chocolate' has 3 simple steps; step 1: Grab it (Being the Easter egg), step 2: Ditch It and step 3: Got It? (meaning you have got more room for Candy Kittens).

Now as much as this is a fun social media promotion, it get us thinking is the chocolate egg a thing of the past? Visiting a few supermarkets over the last week the amount of chocolate eggs on shelves was incredible, is no-one buying the eggs over health and obesity concerns or have these stores just over stocked?

Given the option would you rather a Easter egg or another form of sweet treat?

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