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Tequila perfect for sipping - Casamigos

Lets be honest when people think tequila they thing shots. Well not anymore! Theres a new brand on the block and its prefect for sipping, Casamigos.

Casamigos is the perfect sipping tequila, well thats what its founders Range Gerber and George Clooney believe! Yes George Clooney, the actor and his pals a few years back wanted to a tequila perfect for sipping so they set out on their own quest to make the best tequila after a few years and 700 samples they all agreed on one which has now come to be known as Casamigos.

The trio who drank 1000 bottles in 1 year between them (which is 3.7 bottles a day!) were forced to either stop production on there new favourite beverage or start to sell it. In 2013 the birth of what was soon to be a multi million pound brand was born co-founded by George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Mike Meldman.

It was clear to see for the outset that this drink would sell its self with Clooney on the bottle and that became clear in 2017 when Diageo brought the brand for around $700M (with a potential $300M depending on the brands performance). The name Casamigos means 'House of Friends', rightly named by the founders who all owned a property in the same neighbourhood and would just walk into each other houses like a family would, Make each home a 'House for Friends'.

The brand boasts a range of 4 different drinks; Casamigos Blanco, Casamigos Anejo, Casamigos Reposada and Casamigos Mezcal. After tasting the complete range its clear to see why the drink is so popular with my favourite being the Casamigos Reposada.

The brand has seen success in the US and now its ready to take on the rest of the world, ready to introduce them into sipping spirits and most importantly sipping tequila.

This drink could definitely chance the course and the view of spirits all over the world and I would even go as far as saying this this could be the drink that gets people sipping tequila, without a doubt the best tequila in the world and one of the best spirits in the world.

You can get your hands on a bottle by visiting

Curtis Hinton

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