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3 things you didn’t know about your scar...

When treated early, you can prevent scars from forming

When you take early action, you can prevent scars from forming or ensure the smallest possible scarring. Silicone treatments have been clinically proven to be effective in this healing, Kelo-Cote gel helps prevent hypertrophic and keloid scars from forming - but it is important to use it as soon as the wound is closed, or sutures are removed.

There are several different types of scars

These different types of scars are defined by shape, depth and characteristics of the scar tissue. The different types of scars are called: Fineline, Keloid, Contractures, Hypertrophic and Pitted Scars. Each different scar has different needs. Kelo-Cote gel is suitable for keloid, hypertrophic and burn scars.

Scars don't contain Melanin - the pigment that protects skin from UV radiation

SPF protection is important because regardless of skin colour, scars don’t contain melanin – the pigment that protects skin from UV radiation. So, if scars are left exposed to the sun, they can become more pronounced and even disfigured. Kelo-Cote UV gel offers SPF 30 protection to avoid these defects - it can also be used under makeup for facial scars. It can be used once the wound has healed, sutures have been removed and there are no scabs remaining. Kelo-Cote UV 15g (RRP £31.50) and 6g (RRP £19.99) can be purchased from Superdrug and Amazon


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