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When taking an over view of the fashion industry you aren't getting many new brands that are joining the big names such as Fred Perry or Tommy Hilfiger. But what you are getting is a surge in new street wear brands. These brands tend to be individually owned, and they dont always follow the the status quo when it comes to latest trends and dont necessarily follow the seasonal collection drops. They do what they like and what they feel and thats why more and more people are buying from brands like these, brands like South east London based brand DCMO.

The Brand Launched in 2019 is still in it's early days but it hasn't stopped the brand from showing their ambition to stand out from the rest in a crowded industry. The founder admits that this project start originally just as a collage of designs which they felt there was no purpose to. But the brand boasts depth by going on to say, 'DCMO is all about the creative process and bringing your art and talent to life'. which as a fashion enthusiast its great to hear. One of my biggest fears is that people create brands just to make money. No passion, no desire and no care but this isn't the vibe I get from the team behind DCMO. There is that artist expression they have decided to express on clothing, feel to the brand which is always going to attract customers.

One thing I have noticed about DCMO, is that there is a huge motivation power behind the brand. With the brands webiste displaying the following motivational quotes to its customers; DO. whatever it takes to get to your goals CREATE. what you want, leave your legacy MOTIVATE. the next generation to follow in our footsteps OVERCOME. anyone or anything that is in your way from achieving your goals. In other words HUSTLE.

As I've previously stated independent street wear brands are now a huge part of western world fashion, and what we've seen over the last couple of years is that the bigger brands are looking at what these street wear brands like DCMO are doing and taking inspiration. it almost puts a little warmth back in some of the bigger brands. The CEO of DCMO is the reason why DCMO will stand out from the many bringing a huge passion for art into the fashion word is something unique. Described as a creative individual, with a mind full of revolutionary ideas he's Integrating his artistic/creative vision into the world of fashion. 

Why not head over and check out some of the latest drops and the full collections over at DCMO