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A guide to bridesmaid dress types: Finding the perfect style for your squad

Selecting the perfect bridesmaid dress is a crucial aspect of wedding planning. It's all about finding the right colour, fabric, and length to complement both the wedding theme and the bridesmaids themselves. It can be quite a tricky process to find a dress that every bridesmaid likes and feels comfortable in.

So, in this blog post, we offer some tips to help simplify the process and help you find a bridesmaid dress that makes everyone feel their most beautiful.

Season and Colour

Choosing the right colour for bridesmaid dresses is vital. It should align with the wedding's season and overall theme. For instance, pastel shades are ideal for spring, while deeper tones suit winter weddings.

When selecting a colour, it's important to consider the skin tones and complexions of your bridesmaids to ensure the colour flatters everyone. A universally flattering palette can create a cohesive look while respecting everyone's preferences.

Is Mismatch Your Thing?

If your bridesmaids have different body shapes and personal styles, why not try mismatched dresses instead? Give each bridesmaid a colour palette and the general theme of the wedding, and let them pick their dress, with your approval first, of course.

This trend allows bridesmaids to choose dresses that fit their body types and personal styles while maintaining a unified look. You can opt for dresses in the same colour but different styles or even vary the shades within a colour family.

Start a group Pinterest mood board and spend an evening with your bridesmaids to discuss different options. You could even order a few to try on together! There are various bridesmaid and those similar to a wedding guest dress to help your girls stand out in the wedding party.


 Luxurious satins, airy chiffons, or comfortable cottons each have a different vibe and style. Choose a material that fits your wedding day while also considering practical aspects, such as the need for fashion tape, to ensure comfort throughout the day.

Remember Your Budget

Budgeting is a key factor in wedding planning. Setting a budget for bridesmaid dresses at the outset helps manage expenses. Following the 50-30-20 rule can be a helpful guideline: allocating 50% of your budget to essentials, 30% to personal wants, and 20% to savings or debt repayments. This approach ensures a balanced distribution of wedding expenses, making the process fair and manageable for everyone involved.

In conclusion, selecting bridesmaid dresses requires a thoughtful approach, balancing style preferences, comfort, and budget constraints. By considering the season, colour, fabric, and individual styles of your bridesmaids, you can ensure that your bridal party looks cohesive and feels confident. Remember, the goal is to enhance your wedding's aesthetic while ensuring your closest friends feel valued and beautiful on your special day.

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