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A R T Communication + Brand Consultancy Announces the Global PR Representation of the Iconic Hotel

A R T Communication + Brand Consultancy Announces the Global PR Representation of the Iconic Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos.

A treasured member of the Leading Hotels of the World, the family-owned hotel is a landmark of minimalistic Cycladic design and architecture. A petite Grand Hotel, Belvedere revives traditional aesthetics and its age-old splendor into the modern era, offering a variety of rooms, suites, private villas, and amenities such as the Pool Club, the Sunken Watermelon Bar, a Six Senses Spa, and the first open-air Matsuhisa restaurant in the world.

A R T Communication + Brand Consultancy announces the global PR representation of the iconic Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos, Greece. Founded in 1995, the Belvedere is a family owned luxury boutique hotel known for its prestige hospitality experience, five-star facilities, and breathtaking, immersive view of Mykonos's main town Chora and the Aegean Sea. This elegant Mediterranean residence is an oasis of wonders, merging consciously with the city’s eminent architectural landscape and identity. Elegantly shifting through the decades, the hotel has transformed into a superb social and hospitable experience, setting out to capture a nostalgic glance in pursuit of the elusive Mykonos feeling.

The hotel offers a wide array of rooms, suites and private villas enriched with hilltop and waterfront views offering a range of amenities, ensuring a truly immersive Mykonian experience, such as the Pool Club with its splendid bright sapphire pool, a signature cocktail bar Sunken Watermelon, a peaceful Six Senses Spa and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa's first open-air restaurant, Matsuhisa Mykonos.

Formerly known as Mansion Stoupa, the main Belvedere residence dates back 200 years, and in the 1960s Sofia and Illias Ioannidis opened this treasured holiday home to numerous vivacious visitors. This iconic mansion reflected in its entirety the buoyant and free-spirited sixties, attracting boisterous crowds of artists and creatives, hailing a new age for the island's social scene. The essence of these lively and extravagant parties carries into the Belvedere hotel now, hosting a unique ambiance and a community of guests vowing to return.

Embraced by a lush garden with abundant greenery and signature pink bougainvillea, the main complex boasts distinguishable Cycladic design honoring the traditional architectural landscape of Mykonos, with its white interior reflecting the elegant frames of nearby local houses. Through its refined rooms and suites designed with raw materials, such as plaster, marble, and wood, the design fuses minimalism and tradition, creating a unique and personalized experience, transforming into a true oasis of luxury, elegance, and tranquility with breathtaking views.

Encapsulating a rich hospitality experience, Belvedere’s main complex is enhanced with a full set of amenities, such as the Six Sense Spa offering a new wellness philosophy from in-house experts and holistic practitioners, a fully equipped fitness studio, a high-end fashion destination the Belvedere Shop and Venyx, a fine jewelry boutique by designer Eugenie Niarchos. The beating heart of the main complex is its Pool Club, igniting the ideal atmosphere to meet, socialize and nurture Belvedere’s international community, fusing experiences and guests in one place.

This panoptic hub includes the hotel’s internationally acclaimed cellar, the historic Belvedere Bar, hosting some of the most extravagant nights on the island and offering exclusive Belvedere Signature Martinis by Dale DeGroff, also known as "the King of Cocktails", and the Sunken Watermelon Cocktail Bar, renowned for its distinctive drinks.

Further integrating the hotel into the local fabric, Belvedere’s very own Domna Ioannidis from Conceptboarding Architectural Studio undertook property renovations in 2007, with multiple additions to its main and annex complexes since then. In 2019, the Belvedere celebrated its expansion with 26 Hilltop Rooms and Suites, luxury residences located 250 meters from the central complex. Merging Mykonian design and minimalism, each room highlights Belvedere’s minimalist architectural signature and as an ode to the hotel’s legendary seascape, the residence watches over the Aegean Sea and Mykonos town.

The Waterfront Villa, discreetly hidden behind the bougainvillea-framed wall, is a 1260 m2 luxury property merging seamlessly with the Aegean Sea. The Villa suites offer luxurious facilities, such as the waterfront pool, a private whirlpool surrounded by an enchanting veranda, and the wooden sundeck embellished by whitewashed walls and Mykonian décor. Near the lively city center is the Belvedere’s Villa Next Door, a 344 m2

indulgent residence hosting up to 18 guests. Overlooking the 16th century historical Venetian windmills, the villa is designed with sophisticated and modern aesthetics while keeping a warm atmosphere through organic stonewalls and neutral colors. Only a minute from the Belvedere’s main complex, guests are close to the hotel’s attractive amenities, while keeping a piece of their privacy. These more private and secluded Villas can be rented individually or as an ensemble.

To ensure its guest the ultimate bedding experience, Belvedere has exclusively partnered with Quagliotti, a famed Italian linen manufacturer bringing an indulgent experience with bespoke hospitality collections into a bustling hotel season. The new custom-made and hand-crafted down pillows, duvets, and renovation of half of the hotel beds carry artisanal excellence to the Mykonian resort, transforming its rooms and suites into a dreamy oasis of comfort and long-lasting quality.

Home to Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s first open-air restaurant in the world, Matsuhisa Mykonos brings the premium Chef’s culinary brilliance for a unique dining experience to Belvedere. The historic Mansion Stoupa now houses the restaurant, a centerpiece of a vibrant social scene at the hotel. This celebrated alfresco restaurant welcomes the local tradition and embraces Greek seafood straight from the Aegean Sea into its famed selection of global delights.