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A Step in the Right Direction - Peanut Pup Takes Tiny Tots For a Stroll

Taking those first steps is a major milestone. The Peanut Pup Baby Walker makes this process easier and more fun. With its intuitive design, the Baby Walker provides support for babies as they learn to stand, walk and explore their environment in a safe and playful way. From providing extra stability to helping to develop confidence, the Baby Walker offers parents peace of mind knowing that their little one has a delightful experience on our journey towards independent movement.

Walking helps children improve their motor development and can be great for social interaction. However, this important step in a child's growth and development can be both challenging and time-consuming. This is where The Peanut Pup Baby Walker provides an invaluable benefit to parents and caregivers. Baby walkers are effective tools that help babies learn how to walk safely, quickly, and confidently while providing an exciting experience. With the help of the beautifully crafted puppy-designed baby walker, parents now have access to a safe and secure platform they can use to help their child get used to standing on his or her own two feet without feeling overwhelmed by the process. Through supervised playtime on the baby walker, young children are able to learn basic balance skills with additional stability such as transitioning from crawling or shuffling away to actually walking with confidence.

The Peanut Pup Baby walker is an adorable and cuddly walking companion for your little one. With a cuddly golden and white plush coat with an undeniably cute face, floppy ears, and a soft squeaky tail, this pup will bring joy to all that see it. This exciting and interactive toy helps your child learn to walk while developing vision, balance, and coordination skills.

The 2 in 1 Baby Walker also allows children to hop onto its back to enjoy a ride and scoot along. With rubber tyres that give grip, stability, and a smooth motion.

Designed in Yorkshire by Little Bird Told Me, the adorable Peanut Pup Baby Walker is an ideal present that can be passed down for years to come. If Peanut Pup gets cold there is an optional reversible dog coat that can be purchased, which also protects from spills and stains.

The Little Bird Told Me Peanut Pup Baby Walker is available for £109.95 from


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