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The toothbrush market is a huge market, although it might not be something you think about every day, we all use one twice or three times a day. What made you choose the brush sitting in your bathroom right now? I bet it wasn't because 4 out 5 dentists recommend it. It was probably because the cost of the brush, the fact it might be electric, you just picked it up in the supermarket. There's a number of reasons why you've chosen that brush. But I can guarantee it wasn't because it was luxury. Unless of course you have an Aprori Toothbrush. Well do you?

I think we all like and deserve some luxury in our lives... especially at the moment! And i think the team at Apriori would agree with me. The brand claim they are the, 'innovators in the oral care sphere'. The founders of the Luxury toothbrush. They fully believe, 'that if you surround yourself with luxury, you want refinement in every aspect of your life'. So they went one step further a designed the Luxury Apriori toothbrush.

The Brush is crafted from the finest materials and meets the highest orcal care standards. With the brand saying,'you will be starting and ending your day in the very finest way, it certainly seems that way! When creating a luxury product I feel it's only true luxury is the brand is luxury too, which is sometimes a big risk in business as you potential limit your target market. But when it pays off like it has for the team at Apriori it shows just how much hard work has gone into the brand.

When talking about the brush you can see the passion from the founders ,'Our innovative, high quality collection represents a fusion of excellence in oral care and striking aesthetics. Our toothbrushes are a long-term investment. They come with two spare heads, and in elegant packaging that can also be used as a travel case – ensuring that wherever you are in the world, your Apriori toothbrush is there with you too' There is a lot of belief in not just the product but the brand to from its founders. Which might sound silly to say - because you would imagine any founder would have belief in their product but you'd be surprised how many times this is not the case.

Everything about this brand screams luxury, and you could have your very own piece of luxury for only €7.00.Why not check out the full collection from Apriori now over at

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