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ART Communication + Brand Consultancy Announces The Global Representation Of Arne Quinze

Quinze’s newly refurbished 1,000 sqm2 studio is dedicated exclusively to his large-scale paintings, exposing audiences to the intricate yet powerful influence of nature’s fragility and resilience.

In a continuous commitment to support international creatives and artists, A R T Communication + Brand Consultancy is pleased to announce its global PR representation of Belgian contemporary artist Arne Quinze. From large oil paintings to monumental public installations, Quinze explores the intricate relationship of human interaction and urban complexity, in correlation with the delicate harmony inherent in the natural world. His works have been exhibited at globally acclaimed art fairs and museums, including Frieze Sculpture, London; Kunsthal Rotterdam; MAMAC Museum, Nice; the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Quinze's circular Lupine sculpture titled ‘Aurora,’ is currently on view at Art D’Égypte until November 18, 2023. To coincide with La Biennale di Venezia, 2024, the artist will unveil a new large-scale site-specific installation in a 16th century church.

Quinze’s new 1,000 sqm2 painting studio, in addition to his metal atelier used to produce his monumental sculptures, cultivates his commitment to showcasing nature’s resilience and vulnerability. His artistic practice is shaped by his rural upbringing in the Belgian countryside and his exposure to the stark opposition of big cities, where he has lived since the 1980s, including Belgium, Shanghai, New York, and São Paulo. Experiencing and observing the effects of urbanization on human life, Quinze transitions from street art to public art installations and large oil paintings, transforming urban spaces into open-air museums reawakening an instinctive sense of awe and appreciation for the natural world.

In his sculptural work, Quinze uses a specialized sculpting technique involving a large demolition excavator on sustainable metal to create intricate sculptures inspired by nature, evoking a sense of power into the integral fragility during the creation. His process starts with sketches and paper models, serving as the foundation for his large-scale works that capture nature's interplay between power and fragility. Incorporating the Japanese concept of Mono no Aware – a celebration of the ephemeral beauty inherent in the cycles of life, Quinze engages in a meditative dialogue with nature, capturing an evolution often overlooked in the rush of modern life. Quinze's oil paintings, rooted in preserving nature through documentation, unveil deeper layers that extend the gaze beyond the earthly realm and into a broader universe. Immortalizing the evanescent juncture between resilience and vulnerability is central to his practice, as he believes human conduct places at risk the diversity and splendor of the planet.

Both studios, the metal atelier, and the new painting space, are located in the heart of Flemish Impressionists’ picturesque village Sint-Martens-Latem in Belgium. Quinze’s wildflower garden serves as a laboratory of biodiversity to study the evolving aesthetics of over 150,000 plant species cultivated over the past decade, the garden is also a sanctuary for the artist to nurture his intuitive connection with nature, experiencing its growth and decay, often kneeling to observe the plants from a humble perspective. His endless awe and immersion in nature’s wonders consequently fuel his exploration of the topic, all the while shaping the essence of his vigorous sculptural and painted pieces.

Quinze expands, ‘My ultimate goal is to showcase the true diversity and astounding beauty of nature’s evolution.’


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