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Award Winning British Actor Matthew Postlethwaite Stars In Oscar Contender, The Great Artist

Matthew Postlethwaite has been nominated for a Hollywood Music In Media Award and featured in Variety for his song writing on the track BRAVE. Along with Jon Altham and Pia Toscano. As the first and only nomination in the award shows history to be nominated for Best Original Song for a short film.


“Brave” from THE GREAT ARTIST – Written by Jon Altham, Pia Toscano, Matthew Postlethwaite. Vocal by Pia Toscano

Matthew Postlethwaite: “The song is very personal for me. BRAVE, Is about finding our inner strength, through all the adversities and struggles that we go through. Acknowledging who we are and being BRAVE enough to continue.

It’s a song about mental health, it’s a song about coming to terms with; your sexuality, a break up, a divorce. It’s synonymous.

BRAVE explores a person’s struggle to ultimately find comfort in their true identity.

It’s an empowering song.” “Pia Toscano Vocals are any writers dream, a true powerhouse”

THE GREAT ARTIST is contending for this year's Academy Awards.

The Great Artist has received multiple awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best LGBTQI+ Film, Best Original Song, Best Original Music, Best Score, and received International Honours for Outstanding Musical Achievement by Female Vocalist.

The Great Artist was created by a formidable team of LGBTQIA+ advocates and creatives led by Matthew Postlethwaite and his production company Purpose Co, With Sunny Vachher. A Production company solely dedicated to creating content that has a purpose. Their first film, The Oscar qualified ‘The Great Artist’ is a front runner for this year's Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards.

Matthew Postlethwaite, starred in series one and two of Peaky Blinders talks about the creation of the film: “It’s more important than ever to share stories about mental health.” Matthew Postlethwaite has often spoken out about his own personal challenges with his mental health. “The industry can be tough”. Matthew Adds, “When the pandemic started, we all turned to Entertainment, Film and TV. It’s a powerful medium. As the owner of an award winning production company in Los Angeles, we have a responsibility to the audience, to society, often what we watch shapes our ideas and to some extent values. Film can be that powerful. “

We have a mental health crisis right now, Suicide rates have increased by 35% since the 1999. Particularly if you look at minority groups. Matthew Postlethwaite spoke with GLAAD In December 2020, Direct quote "With 40% of the youth LGBTQI+ seriously contemplating suicide and the lack or representation for LGBTQI+ and mental health in films, we need to be doing more as creators.”

The Great Artist was made up of approximately 90% of cast and crew identifying as LGBTQI+. Matthew Postlethwaite ended with “Representation matters, It empowers a community.”

The film has the support of major organizations such as GLADD, American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, National Association of Mental Illnesses CA (NAMI), National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Movember, Kindred, Tethr, The Tramuto Foundation, and Stand with Impact, who all support the vision and mission with the film and believe the story must be exposed globally in order to create a longing impact.


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