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Award winning sound made even better.

Why remaining content with a speaker model that have already won several awards? Why not improving it even further? That is what Audio Pro decided to do by launching the new Addon T3+.

Already back in 2015 the company launched a Bluetooth speaker named Addon T3. The speaker turned out to be a very big hit. The portable, battery powered speaker, won several awards over the years, among others What HiFi, Product of the Year in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Audio Pro’s original idea was to discontinue the product in 2019, and focus solely on multiroom products. However, the market thought differently, there were still a demand for Bluetooth only products. After several requests from many markets around the globe, the company decided to meet the demand. Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro, affirms; “We knew we had a very popular product already, but we aimed at improving the speaker even further before this relaunch.”

The product and development department in Helsingborg, Sweden, managed to enhancing the sonic character by finetuning DSP settings and optimizing the bass, by redesigning the bass port. The award winning speaker became hereby

even more competitive. And by keeping the extraordinary long battery time of up to 30 hours at mid volume, will of course be appreciated by the customers. “We named the product Addon T3+, to state that it is the same winning concept as before, only better “, says Jens Henriksen.

Alongside of the more traditional colours of black and grey, the company decided to offer the speaker in a quite different colour in a limited edition. The colour “RAW” indicates a rough surface which lets the natural wooden material be visible, without covering it in paint. Jens Henriksen explains; “The last few years our company has been increasingly focused on environmental concerns, and it made sense to try to create a speaker without covering it in several layers of paint. This creative test, turned out to look aesthetically attractive as well, so we decided to make a trial launch of this colour. Hence the limited edition.”

This portable, battery powered speaker will be available in stores by mid July. And it will be interesting to see if this Addon T3+ will receive the same standing ovations as its earlier sibling. But it certainly looks promising so far.


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