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Backpacker vs Businessman: DatingApp Test Shows Who Is More Desirable

Dating platform MySugardaddy studies whether young romantic or mature self-confident types are more in demand.

  • For the A/B test, two profiles were created on a dating app: a young backpacker and an older businessman with sugar dating preferences

  • The older man received almost three times as many matches with women than his younger counterpart

  • The young backpacker, on the other hand, scored remarkably well with male singles on the dating app

MySugardaddy, the dating platform for high class lifestyles, has carried out an A/B test to find out whether a young backpacker or an experienced businessman has more luck when it comes to dating. To measure this, two profiles were created on one of the most used online dating apps, put to an audience of 1,000 and the results of the matches were examined.

The question of whether people prefer to date younger men or silver foxes is as old as dating itself, but in the end it all boils down to individual preferences. However, to get reliable figures for the test, two profiles were created on an online dating app: the 29-year-old, romantic-looking backpacker and the 43-year-old businessman with sugar daddy potential. Both profiles were given exactly the same criteria to match with the dating app users, to produce a clear result on the preferred type of man.

The most intriguing findings:

In the online dating test, a total of 374 out of 1,000 users were interested in a date with the mature businessman, which is more than a third of the dating app users evaluated. The profile of the young backpacker received 67 fewer matches than his more mature counterpart. In addition to this, dating app users sent more direct messages to the businessman (119 versus 96).

Looking at the total number of matches, the 43-year-old received 64 percent more matches with women than his younger counterpart. However, the attractive 29-year-old was more popular with men: while the 43-year-old businessman had just under 63 percent of matches with men, the backpacker had over 83 percent.

"Sugar dating is still harshly judged by many. We want to dispel these prejudices and show that this is a valid dating option for ambitious single people. The prerequisite for successful sugar dating is that the expectations are clear on both sides of the relationship," says co-founder of MySugardaddy, Philip Cappelletti. "This test proves that the inclination to date an older and more experienced man with sugar dating preferences is far from a niche phenomenon, and also has gained a lot of interest among these traditional dating app users."

Conducting the test:

To get reliable data for the online dating test, two profiles were created on one of the most used dating apps in Germany. For the 29-year-old backpacker, profile pictures were chosen that show a young man with an active lifestyle and a dreamy look. For the 43-year-old, the pictures show a more mature man with a business look, and investor was his given profession. Both profiles gave Munich in Germany as their location, and were given a search radius of 80 kilometres. The age range chosen for the test was 18 to 32 years. For eight subsequent days, 125 male and female dating app users were given a right swipe each day.