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Big Horn - The stylish sunglasses

Summer is here, and even though we might not be able to head out on our summer holidays just yet you'll still be needing those stylish sunglasses. Without a doubt over the last few years Sunglasses have becoming apart of the outfit, you dont just have one pair anymore you have 5 or 6 pairs and Big Horn are here to be the latest added to your collection.

Founder of the sun reflective optical brand Big horn, Kevin Ching originally launched the brand with a collection of 12 different designs for all different characters in different styles. The brand produces very creative and extravagant designs but dont let that reflect form the luxurious and premium product that is really is.

Big Horn boast 3 collections; Fashion creative, extravaganza and premium. Establishing themselves as a top brand early on they've worked with many artists and stylists in Hong Kong, Europe and even Hollywood with them all being keen to feature the Sunglasses amongst other Big Horn products in their work, ranging from photo shoots to music videos and movies!

The framed pieces aren't the only products Big horn designs, creating ranges in Clutch bags, tees and even tote bags. The designs have won many different international awards including International Design Award (U.S.A.).

 You can check our Big Horn's ranges over at

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