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Boob Tape by Francesca

Boob Tape suitable for all skin tones...

With the largest and most inclusive range of skin tone colours on the market, the brand’s mission is to empower women to feel confident, comfortable and secure in whatever outfit they choose to wear, allowing them to enhance the shape of their body.

Every Bride & Bridesmaids best kept secret!

Not wearing a bra can feel unnatural, add that onto the biggest day of your life plus a load of dancing… eek… no-one likes a sweaty underboob!

Boob Tape by Francesca offers the following:

  • 5 Cotton Coloured Tapes

  • Single-sided Clear Tape & Double-sided Clear Tape

  • Hypoallergenic & Latex Free

  • Waterproof & Sweat Proof

  • Luxury, Sustainable Packaging

  • Safe and Easy to Remove

  • Can Lift ALL Boob Sizes!


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