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Boostball - Protein Balls

Now if your into your fitness and staying healthy you know it maybe difficult to find a great stackable treat that is both tasty and good for you, you may now stop looking. Boostball protein balls are made from 7 natural ingredients and full of protein.

The protein balls are available in 4 different flavours; Lemon Drizzle cake (Pictured to the left), Peanut butter cookie dough, coconut fudge cake and maple and cinnamon roll. Each pack contains 3 balls and there is up to 8.6g of protein in each pack.

So what are the benefits if enjoying a packed of boostball?

'Our energy balls are high in protein which is the building blocks for muscle growth. They contain only natural sugars found in fruits and plants. So they are perfect for a nutritious snack, after workout protein replenishment or as an energy booster during exercise.

Like all good protein bars, our balls also contain a rich source and wide variety of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B, E, B12, Calcium, Iron and Zinc. Our balls are made with raw cold pressed ingredients so there is no baking and no refining Just pure healthy protein bliss with every bite' Is what it saying on the brands website.

If your wondering where you can get your hands on a packed of boostball just head over to now and get your favourite flavours in!


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