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Breathe Easy: The eco-friendly mask proven to block 99.9% of viruses

Protect yourself against Covid-19 with RESPILON’s patented face mask technology

In the fight against Covid-19, face masks have become as mundane as mobile phones, wallets and keys. But is your mask protecting you how you want it to?

Now, you can physically block Coronavirus particles and stay safe in the knowledge that you’re doing everything you can to protect you and those around you. In the fight against Covid-19, it’s vital we do what we can to protect ourselves and those around us. RESPILON’s RespiPro VK Mask is proven to filter out over 99% of viruses, bacteria, air pollution, allergens and fine dust. It physically blocks Covid-19 particles thanks to its tiny 0.01 micrometer-wide filter pores and copper oxide technology.[1] GP Dr Nisa Aslam explains that these masks protect professional staff, as well as the general public. ‘The entire mask is a single large protective RESPILON nanofibre two-way filter that’s light and incredibly breathable, plus they are re-usable which is essential as we live with COVID-19. RESPILON’s RespiPro VK Masks work great for long shift workers who wear a mask continually, as well as the general population who need to feel safe and protected when they leave home. Importantly, these masks are certified respirators as a filtering mask to help protect against Covid-19. In fact, the unrestrictive filter in the RespiPro VK Mask captures 99.9% of the dangerous particles in the surrounding air.[2] Additionally, with disposable masks now adding to the problem of plastic pollution, the RespiPro VK Mask offers 30 hours of protection, replacing on average 10 disposable masks. This reduces mask wastage and environmental impact by a staggering 90%. How does the RespiPro VK Mask work? The advanced RESPILON® nanofibre filtration technology is placed between two layers of RESPILON’s Accelerated Copper Oxide (ACuO) virus-deactivating material.[3] This patented ACuO technology offers stronger protection over other virus killing technology such as silver and zinc, as copper possesses anti-viral properties; it’s the reason why copper is utilised in hospital surfaces and wound dressings to reduce viral transmission and bacterial threats.[4] The special RESPILON technology contains an accelerator to boost the efficacy of copper, making it even more effective against bacterial, fungal, and viral activity.[5] Currently, RESPILON, who are a member of the BSIF - the UK's leading safety equipment industry body, is the only company in the world who has rights to place the ACuO technology into a face mask. Added to this, Dr Nisa Aslam explains that the pores of the RespiPro VK Mask nanofibre filter are just 0.01 micrometers in size. ‘As Covid-19 particles range between 0.06 and 0.16 micrometers, this ensures the virus cannot physically get through to the wearer. The particles are too big to get through the pores of the nanofibre filter. Even car exhaust particles can’t get through.’ Dr Nisa Aslam adds that many other toxic compounds are also physically blocked by the nanofibre filter.[6] In comparison, other widely available filtered face masks

(including FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 rated PPE) rely on electrostatic filtration.

However, the problem with electrostatic filtration is that humidity from the wearer’s breath actually inhibits the electrostatic process. This can occur after just 25 minutes and causes the filter to lose up to 60% of its original filtration efficiency. For the wearer to stay protected, the filter would need to be removed, to dry out, before being worn again.[7] FACT: There is a growing trend across Europe for certified protective masks to be worn instead of consumer fabric masks, Germany has made masks with a minimum of 94% filtration (FFP2) mandatory on public transport with other countries such as France looking to follow. RespiPro VK masks block 99% of virus particles.

The RESPILON nanofibre filters actually work best in humid conditions. This makes them perfect for professional use where a mask wearer needs protection over a long period of time. Produced in Europe, the RespiPro VK masks are so highly praised, that one thousand of them are being used at the Millennium Point COVID-19 Vaccination Centre in Birmingham. These will protect marshals and other site staff involved in the Birmingham vaccination program.

‘We needed a highly protective mask for staff on site at the vaccination centre’, says Linda Degg, Millennium Point Facilities Manager. I heard about the RespiPro VK Masks from our Health and Safety partners, the Compliance Standard Group, as an option that not only offers viral protection and excellent filtration, but is reusable.’ The RespiPro VK Mask comes in two adult sizes; medium and large. To ensure the perfect fit, a small plastic clip included in each pack allows the wearer to tighten the straps around the back of their head so the mask is sealed firmly to the face.


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