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Britney Spears Music Videos Influenced Most Popular Sexy Costumes

Mega Pleasure looked at the search volume in the following English speaking countries, Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and Canada for top 15 adult sexiest costumes, the data can be found below:

The most popular costume across all countries is a Schoolgirl costume with the highest search rate at 40,500 in the United States. This is no surprise - after Britney Spears’ 1998 iconic hit music video ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ saw her wear the uniform, hence sparking a huge surge in sexy school girl costumes. The music video has over 680 million views, and showsBritneywearing a short grey skirt, open white shirt and pigtails.

Other popular costume searches in the United States include Sexy nurse costumes, sexy nun costumes and space girl costumes. Britney Spears also wore a red latex space girl costume in her ‘Oops… I Did It Again’ music video which received 352 million views.

In the United Kingdom, the most searched for adult costumes include french maid costumes, sexy nun costumes and sexy police woman costumes.

Overall, New Zealand is searching for sexy adult costumes the least. The highest searched costume was a school girl costume with only 140 monthly searches. In Canada, the top three most-searched costumes were sexy nurse, schoolgirl and a french maid costumes.


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