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HM Visits: Circolo Popolare

London is home to some of the best eateries in the world and after visiting Circolo Popolare I would very confidently put them in this bracket. For me there are a few elements that can make or break a meal out in London.

The food is an obvious one to start with. Now Circolo Popolare is an Italian eatery and to stand out in such a wide market you need to be different you need to offer an niche and I think the food here at Circolo Popolare is incredible. The super-sized pizzas are full of incredible flavour, the carbonara is full of cheese and even the size of the sides are phenomenal, we just had to eat everything up as it all tasted amazing. Other part to the food is about the preparation of your meal and here they have an on kitchen, you can literally stand and watch them make your meal fresh in front of your eyes. So based on food along they were off to a flying start.

Another important element for me is the service you receive. It's very easy for a busy establishment to take there time when taking your order, bring the food to your table but we couldn't fault anything the waiting staff did. They took us on a tour of the restaurant so we could see just how amazing the venue is. They really couldn't do any more for us.

I find for me the most important things for a restaurant is the atmosphere, the decor and the vibe. Now the atmosphere was just incredible people having a fantastic night, you couldn't see an unhappy face in the eatery which just shows how well the team were doing. Now the decor on this place is in-cred-ible the walls were shelves with spirit bottles about 8-9 shelves all around 3 metres long giving the place such a niche feel to it, alongside this there was a summer feel to the venue with trees around the establishment and a low light level just gave you a relaxed summer evening feel.

I would have to say the Fitzrovia based restaurant is amongst some of the best in London and Its something we highly recommend visiting.

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