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Crafting Moments of Elegance: Mare De Vetro's Journey of Sustainability, Craftsmanship, and Community

In an exclusive interview with Mare De Vetro, we delve into the past year's triumphs, innovations, and commitments that have defined their journey in the jewelry industry. From pioneering sustainability initiatives to fostering a global community of artisans and enthusiasts, Mare De Vetro stands at the forefront of elegance, craftsmanship, and meaningful connections.

Mare De Vetro
Model: Breeanne Connor Photographer: Katlin Klaus

Looking back over the past year, what significant milestones or achievements has Mare De Vetro celebrated in its journey?  

Mare de Vetro has had a significant financial gain since January 2023 through various successes. But if we had to name them here are our top five:

1. Firstly the continuous Product & Collection Development through invitation to present overseas in Fashion Events such as London Accessories week as well as Product launching in local design houses in locations such as Coco Beach Nice.

2. The successful contract with Hinton Media Group in the United Kingdom to develop brand awareness to the United Kingdom and to the European Continent. By working successfully developing relationships creating engagement in Local & World-Wide access through Department stores such as Wolf and Badger. As well as a continuous negotiation with other Department/Boutique Stores for potential opening display later in the 2024 year. 

3. The opening our first store in Brisbane Queensland Australia. It first opened in November 2023 as a pop up, and with large success it moved into a stand-alone store. By creating a hub this further developed the brand in designing collections, but also providing space to host events such as jewellery classes, and taking one on one customisation appointments.


4. Having the brand Mare de Vetro showcased in May 2024 a stand-alone presentation in Covent Garden London. This will be presented as a store showcased by Hinton Media.

5. Finally Mare de Vetro being invited to present four advertorial campaigns in print for Conde Nast, the worlds largest global mass media company throughout August and September. We have already had various covers on Fashion magazines such as Artego. 

In what ways has Mare De Vetro's brand identity evolved since our last conversation, and how has this evolution shaped the direction of the brand? 

Response: With a deep connection to the South Pacific and its people inspired us to bring a focus of natural beauty to the world. Enabling us to enrich our designs through the natural wonders of the sea and the land showcasing its Natural Pearls and Semiprecious Stones. We have made this a strong focus on representing Stones & Pearls in a more natural authentic finish. We believe this represents the story of the Origins and the Community who farmed, mined and offered to us. 

With a physical presence in our store this message has evolved in our offering to our Community of clients. We now offer to refurbish, repurpose and revalue previous pieces reconnecting the Client back to their appreciation of the piece they once loved in a new way.

We also offer a jewellery class making program where our clients can come and learn the basics of making a custom piece. At the moment we are focused on the friendship bracelet. It not only brings people together for enjoyment but gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge and understanding of the materials we work with.

Mare De Vetro
Model: Breeanne Connor Photographer: Katlin Klaus

Could you introduce us to any recent additions to Mare De Vetro's jewelry collections that particularly embody the brand's ethos? 

Response: The collections range from compellingly simple rings, pendent necklaces, classic hoops and studs with hand-carved textures, and captivating clean lines featuring Pearls and Semi precious stones, to exclusively designed Murano Glass statement pieces that will elevate any day to night style.

We recently developed a Collection called the Lou Lou, this particular collection completely embodies the brands ethos, she not only is a collection adorned by all age groups, she opened the brand to further opportunity to teach and create community. She has fast become the number one collection we have in store.

Sustainability lies at the heart of Mare De Vetro. Could you delve into any innovative sustainability initiatives or projects the brand has undertaken recently? 

Response: One of the biggest achievements that has become very personal was a project commissioned by an existing client to repurpose her South Pacific pearl collection taking them from a simple strand and developing and elevating them into a series of statement pieces that she has not only curated for herself but has gifted to her nieces as heirlooms to pass on through the generations.

This created a new opportunity within our existing Client base but also introduced many new clients to the brand. It also provided us with further investment into our chore ethos of Sustainability.

This commission also created a strong purpose to invite Bespoke Custom design back to our business model.

Mare De Vetro's commitment to charitable giving is commendable. Can you update us on any recent collaborations or donations that have made a tangible difference? 

Response: We have silently been working along side our small pearl farmers in the South Pacific to have them accredited into the Sustainability Conservation Program sponsored by the Tiffany & Co Foundation, we worked with these groups on their application and presentation to the foundation to have them recognised. This was a huge achievement and rewarding.

We also raised over $1000 from our sales programme where we donate $1 from each sale to donate to the foundation. 

Customer feedback is invaluable. What insights or reactions have you gathered from Mare De Vetro's clientele regarding the brand's jewellery offerings in the past year? 

Response: It is invaluable hearing what the customer treasures about our brand Mare De Vetro.  Often the focus is on how the product represents the earthly Stones & Pearls in a natural authentic finish, elegant designs and are handmade pieces.  They feel that each piece of jewellery is special to them when they wear it.  It is also refreshing to have different age groups such as Mother and daughter, both find a piece in the collection that they will love to wear and cherish for years to come.  Recently, after holding a jewellery class, to see the participants  the faces light up when they finish the beautiful piece of jewellery and are able to take it with them.  

Delving into the creative process, how does Mare De Vetro continually draw inspiration to craft its distinct jewelry designs? 

Response: Honestly through our clients. I am also in the final process of becoming an apprentice jeweller. Learning the trade has become a huge passion learning each individual skill evokes so many new possibilities – for instance I have just completed my first two piece set of moulded rings in 14CT gold fill that will be released in the coming month. 

Quality and craftsmanship are synonymous with Mare De Vetro. How does the brand ensure these standards are maintained across its diverse range of pieces? 

 Response: We continuously audit our manufacturers and Artisans. We also continuously test our metals through various simulations to ensure long lasting product. It’s the tedious administration of the business but we pride ourselves on working with people who also care for the environment. We also work to understand the processes that our Artisans and farmers work with and provide help if possible to ensure improvement is achievable to them.

Our focus is not on turning away product as that only creates an over production issue causing harm to the environment, so it means we are slower to develop new pieces to the market but fewer pieces means we provide you with more exclusivity.


Mare De Vetro envisions expansion. Can you provide insights into the brand's strategic plans for growth, including potential market expansions or collaborative endeavors? 

Our future plans for our business is to continually grow our audience and make connection with more clients across Australia and overseas. We have many opportunities in the pipeline to present our brand to audience this year through Australian Fashion Week in May.

We want to grow another section of our business into the repurpose phase with cli