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HM Visits: Crazy Pizza

London is the home to many different cuisines, one popular type that people are always looking to get, Italian... and specifically pizza! It's hard to go out there and genuinely find a good restaurant that you can sit down for an evening in have a conversation and enjoy some good quality pizza. Well not anymore.

We headed down to Paddington street, Marylebone, London to pay the guys are Crazy Pizza a visit. On arrival we were pleasantly surprised, we were welcomed in to what i would describe a a luxury chilled establishment. A very niche looking restaurant with famous faces all over the wall eating pizza. A very classy venue.

We started the evening with; Detox Lion Salad & some of there own made Treccia mozzarella. Both dishes suggested from our waiter and we couldn't of been more satisfied with the choices. the pleasant surprise for me was how incredibly beautiful the Detox Lion Salad tasted. A very light salad, so many refreshing flavours. The Treccia mozzarella was amongst some of the best Mozzarella I personally have ever eaten. so creamy just a perfect way to start the evening

We then moved on to our mains, and if by no surprise we had pizza! We were again recommended the Salami and the Mushroom Pizza. Again both incredibly tasty in very different ways, the base for me was perfect. Im not a fan of deepan because most of the time you dont get much flavour and theres no crispy bite the the slice, but this thin pan dough was exactly how a pizza base should be! The Salami, had a slight kick of spice but nothing over powering. The Mushroom Pizza what a very summer pizza i felt, went well with the Detox Lion Salad to start. Both incredible pizzas.

To finish we were treated to their home made tiramisu, this is something they made in front of you at your table. Something that I liked, a little more a personal service feel to things. Again, the presentation was second to none. The flavour was amazing. the coffee wasn't over powering, a nice a creamy way to end off the evening.

I was very happy with our food and service at Crazy pizza. Also on the night you are treated to a DJ every day of the week they are open, and at one point in the evening one of the pizza chefs come out which a huge pizza dough and starts to spin it on his had, some lightened evening entertainment. Everyone joins in with the clapping. Just a fantastic vibe and a very luxury looking venue.


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