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Diesel Launches D:verse Nfts Collection With Digital Pieces From The Brand’s Latest Fashion Show

After a debut NFT collab with The Fabricant and Neuno recently, DIESEL’s place in the metaverse is expanding: today, the company launches D:VERSE, a new NFT (non-fungible token) Collection that spans between the IRL and the virtual.

D:VERSE is an engaging platform that includes unique NFT editions of runway showpieces, as well as physical (and limited-run) garments, sneakers and accessories. It also provides access to the D:VERSE family – via which DIESEL NFT holders will be able to meet through a private Discord channel – and to the D:VERSE-KEY, a token that will give exclusive rights for discounted NFT pre-sales, raffles, free airdrops, additional metaverse wearables, and news about new gaming and projects that DIESEL will continue to build for its community.

DIESEL is kicking off D:VERSE with a NFT collection drop of one-of-a-kind showpieces from the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, which was just shown in Milan. These hero products (a fur jacket, a puffer jacket, a sneaker and an accessory) will be available on a first come, first serve basis until sold out—and one such NFT will be ultra-rare, in an edition of 1, with an exclusive auction taking place via Rarible, a DIESEL partner, on March 12.

The transformation of these physical products into the digital realm will come with a special customization-option dedicated to this launch. The limited-edition sneakers, in particular, will have a color-way released with a vote that’s determined by DIESEL’s NFT owners.

Subscription to D:VERSE’s Whitelist closes on the evening of March 10. This Whitelist sign-up gives users access to a pre-sale window for the first NFT drop. Then, the public sale starts on March 12 and will only be available for 55 hours.

Old money and cryptocurrencies are accepted, and, through the platform, DIESEL will offer a tutorial for setting up an e-wallet. Plus, if you’re not a crypto-head, don’t worry: NFTs will also be available to purchase on