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&Dine the online food marketplace which gives everyone a seat at the table

&Dine, the peer-to-peer digital food marketplace which launched in 2021, connects passionate ‘Makers' and independent food businesses with customers looking to explore and enjoy a wealth of global cuisines from the comfort of their very own home. &Dine already offers over 16 global cuisines through its marketplace, which delivers food to consumers across London, with sales across the platform growing by 35% month on month.

Described as the Etsy of the food world, users can visit the &Dine website and order authentic (and delicious!) handmade, fresh food which is delivered directly to their home in as little as 24 hours. &Dine encourages budding food entrepreneurs, coined ‘Makers’ to start their own successful food businesses directly from their own homes, which has sparked a creative network and community of foodies amongst the platform.

&Dine offers a simple online ordering platform, dishes arrive chilled in a signature insulated cooler bag, allowing ‘Diners’ to taste authentic handmade meals without the hassle of cooking. Founded by Charles Brafman and Max Bennett, the &Dine platform was created to bring food back to the heart of our community and with new Makers added to the platform every week, offers consumers a wealth of authentic cuisines and dishes to choose from.

By ordering from the platform, consumers can not only discover new flavours, and support local Makers businesses but also enjoy their favourite dishes from much-loved cuisines which might not otherwise be easily accessible in London. Top-selling categories available on &Dine platform include Brazilian, Gluten Free, Filipino, Vegan, and Thai.

Good F'ing Pizza, the much-loved gluten-free pizza brand, founded in South East London by Maker Dijon joined the &Dine platform in 2021. After his struggles to find a good gluten-free pizza, he decided to take matters into his own hands and has since created one of the most sought after gluten-free pizza brands in London, earning himself up to £1,000 a week via the platform. Focusing on quality, handmade gluten-free pizzas, Dijon provides a desirable offering. Best-selling dishes from Good F’ing Pizza include simple but delicious gluten-free margarita pizza and his special Detroit style pizza, which has caused a stir in the gluten-free community dubbing it the ‘only gluten-free Detroit pizza delivered in the UK’.

Dijon, Founder of Good F’ing Pizza says: “I started ‘Good F’ing Pizza’ in 2021 after my struggle trying to satisfy my craving for a high quality gluten-free Pizza. Since joining &Dine I’ve been able to leave my job and I'm now fulfilling my passion, producing the best gf pizzas in London. Working with &Dine, I have been able to scale ‘Good F’ing Pizza’ delivering all over London, reaching 1000s of new customers. The &Dine team and platform gives me great support to grow my business, allowing me more time to focus on doing what I love to do best, make 'GF'ing Pizzas!’"

Charles Brafman, Co-Founder of &Dine says: “We are ecstatic to see the growth in Makers and customers on the platform over the past year, it is great to see the community we are building at &Dine. In the current cost of living crisis, it is good to offer people an additional avenue to make further income, whilst doing something they love. Bringing people together through food is our ethos, and it is great to see more and more cuisines and Makers added to the platform on a monthly basis. &Dine offers an alternative to mass manufactured food and we feel that is something to truly shout about''.

&Dine offers everyone a seat at the table.

To order from the &Dine platform and for further information, please go to:


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