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One of the fastest growing fashion sectors is independent apparel brands. Now for you stand out in a huge crowded market there are a few different things you can do; You can choose a niche in what your clothing will be based on (Ie. Skateboarding or anti-establishment) this might bring in customers. You can pay a lot of money for influencer marketing or you take the approach unisex apparel brand DWiltsclothing has done, you could change the way people approach the clothes they wear.

DWiltsclothing was launched in 2019 and began the journey with just t-shirts and hoodies, four years on the brand has expanded now into gym wear, polo shirts and gym vests for male and female. Since 2019 DWiltsclothing has organically grown and has gone on to receive multiple orders within the United Kingdom and the European including Belgium, Netherlands, France, and more. A UK based unisex apparel brand with a difference. Usually when choosing its all about what you want to wear, the style the brand the colours ect. Well at DWiltsclothing they want you to take a different approach, the owner Dean told us, 'I believe in fashion, It's all about how you wear it'. When you really think about that, it so true. When it comes to fashion no one should tell you how or what to wear, you should be able to wear whatever you like how ever you like and It's this thinking paired with the simplistic yet effectively stylish garments at DWiltsclothing stocks that makes them stand out in the crowded market.

The brand stocks clothing for men and women boasting wide collections for both including; Tee's & gym-wear. Talking about the styles stocked the brand told us, 'Dean has kept the clothing range simple with a fancy edge in terms of the logo design, the logo is subtle and embroidered onto the top left shoulder to ensure hard-wearing and longevity. Great care has been taken to deliver the best quality for my customers'. Something you really see when in the brands garments. It's also something that customers remember, when a brand takes an interest in the quality from the customers perspective it just subconsciously gives the customer a 'warmer' feeling about the brand it shows that the brand cares about the product's it's producing.

One thing thats clear to see with the brand is how passionate the owner is and how actively involved he is in getting the brand message across. This is again something customers are guaranteed to pick up on giving them a sense of connection with the brand. Speaking to the brand owner, Wiltshire he told us, 'My goal is to put the "fun" in functional whether it be a hooded jumper or simply a T shirt, its fashion with an edge. Dean Wiltshire clothing brand has kept his range subtle but still catches the eye so enjoy your online shopping with us'

You can shop the full collection from DWiltsclothing on their official website over at

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