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Edinburgh Fringe Fest: Blub Blub

Featuring newly composed songs inspired by classical music, Blub Blub is a charming story of chaotic cohabitation as two fish find each other in an aquarium, both wanting to escape, but with conflicting views of how. Blending physical theatre, miniature set design and puppetry, along with a mysterious live score, Trunk Theatre Project returns to Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a new aquatic adventure following last year’s space adventure Mary, Chris Mars.

Ahead of Trunk Theatre Project's run of Blub Blub in Edinburgh, writer and director Cho Yeeun spoke to us about the show, collaborating with a choreographer and what they are most looking forward to about the Fringe!

Tell us a bit about Blub Blub!

Featuring newly composed songs inspired by Camille Saint-Saëns' The Carnival of the Animals, Blub Blub is a charming and fun story of cohabitation as two fish find each other in an aquarium, both wanting to escape, but with conflicting views of how.

An adventurous fish has been thrown into an aquarium and comes across another who has adapted to his environment in the glass tank. While both are dissatisfied with their current living situation, their methods of achieving liberation differ. One longs for a better life and is jumping on a trampoline to escape over the glass wall, while the other longs to swim beyond the wall and tries to break it, not just for herself, but for every fish that desires to. Despite their different outlooks on life, the two fish fall in love.

What interested you about exploring an underwater setting?

There was a turtle living in a fish tank at my aunt's house. I visited her for the first time in 10 years, and the turtle was still there. Seeing the turtle following people around and swimming towards the glass wall, I wondered what he would say to us if he could speak, especially after he has been watching my aunt's family's life play out for such a long time!

This curiosity was developed into a story of fish living in a fish tank, and I loved creating my own imaginary underwater world. Even though they are fish, their lives were not so much different from ours. When we see it from the outside, they are swimming peacefully and 'blubbing', but they may be shouting and fighting against invisible things fiercely.

What's your favourite line in the show?

"You will never know until you try." One of the most powerful but intriguing lines, I think. We might live in a world where we have to struggle with conflicts every day to live up to our expectations. But like the line says, we wouldn't end up with anything unless we try. Hoping for a better tomorrow is one of the most powerful motivations for us to live on. So let's give it a try everyone!

Are you excited to be working with choreographer Kim Min?

YES, very much! Kim Min participated in 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and performed at Dancebase with a show called Are You Guilty. I was absolutely thrilled about his rich facial expressions and clear narrative in the movement, and I thought he could take a huge part in Blub Blub. I’m enjoying interpreting the piece in the language of body and collaborating with Min.

How do you think this collaboration will impact the piece?

The piece became much richer and more dynamic. Better, which is the name of the character that Min plays, continues to jump on the trampoline. Since Min is a dancer, he understands how to release physical energy explosively, and it makes Blub Blub so much more vivid. He also has created choreography throughout the piece, and I have no doubt that the audience will love it.

What are you most looking forward to about attending Edinburgh Fringe?

Diversity in unity! So many artists around the world gather in this vibrant city to perform and present their piece. Different cultures, backgrounds, and methods make the festival so enriching! We learn from others, find value in things we did not acknowledge before, but all of this is possible is because we are in love with art!

Blub Blub will be performed at 2.00pm in Summerhall's Cairns Lecture Theatre 3rd - 27th August (not 14th & 21st). Find out more here


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