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Edinburgh Fringe Fest - House of Life

If you’re looking for somewhere to let it all go this Fringe then look no further than House of Life. Created by Sheep Soup who hail from the BAFTA award winning Television Workshop, the show is euphoric musical comedy high on audience participation lead by the larger-than-life RaveRend.

We spoke to writer and performer Ben Welch about the power of music and community and why they’re needed more than ever.

Tell us about your show.

It’s time to get happy Edinburgh! One part sermon, one part purge, three parts party, House Of Life is a travelling musical cult collective full of camp and glitter. It’s 8 step programme to happiness that has changed over 7 million lives across the planet. We'll sing together, shout together and create our very own specialised community through audience participation and some funky bangers. It's a show that celebrates places where people come together whether that's a sweaty festival tent, a shouty protest or a singy congregation. If anyone reading is going through something, come and let it all out with us

Who and/or what was the inspiration for the character of the RaveRend?

As a person, I’ve found myself to be someone that people turn to for help or hype man energy. The last few years for me have been full of huge life events, namely a dead dad and the birth of my daughter, which has reduced the time I have to give to others and made me look in on whether I've been leaving enough of that space or energy for me. I've been a panto dame, played a pot smoking granny for 10 years and love jumping on stage at any opportunity of making music with people. Add into that a glitter beard + silver platform boots, and you have the RaveRend.

Why do you think music can be so powerful and moving?

Music hits you differently from everything else. Everyone has that tune for them that hypes them up or gets them out of their deep depths of depression. Some people need screamy bangers to get out of their head and into their bodies and some need a Spanish Lullaby sang by their Chicken Mummy. Places where people go to heal and connect - Protests, festivals, churches etc - have music running through them all and that can't be a coincidence...

What do you want the audience to take away from the show?

Their possessions. We have a quick turnaround after the show. S**t jokes aside, we want people to see the value in connecting with strangers as well as loved ones and to feel ready to take on all of life's s**t with a funky bassline and a sax solo. If we don't boost each other up and Lizzo the s**t out of ourselves, how else are we gonna deal with attempts to drive division between us at every turn. We want people to feel part of something, after just 60 minutes.

What are you most looking forward to about Edinburgh Fringe?

Being taken over by a smack in the face of Buckfast, Bat shit comedy and Beautiful people hustling their arses off to make something happen. Also kind of looking forward to facing the reality of taking a show to the fringe with no real budget and an almost 2 year old in tow. Fun.

House of Life is at the Underbelly Cowgate, Belly Dancer from 2 – 25 August at 20.55. For tickets go to


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