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Luxury Living in the Heart of Nature: The House in Okolitsa

Nestled within the serene villa community of "Okolitsa" in the Moscow region, a stunning architectural marvel awaits. This expansive house spans an impressive 1500 square meters, harmoniously blending with its natural surroundings thanks to its thoughtful design and use of natural materials.


The architecture of the house is a testament to its environment, shaped by the complex topography of the forested site. The structure is carefully divided into volumes connected by atriums, creating a seamless integration of interior and exterior spaces. This design not only enhances privacy within individual zones but also fosters a deep connection between the landscape and the architecture.

Natural materials reign supreme in this project. From bricks and tiles to thermal decking and stone, every element has been chosen to age gracefully, developing a unique patina over time. This approach ensures that the house evolves alongside its natural context, remaining relevant and timeless.

Upon entering the house through its central entrance, one is greeted by the grand living room, seamlessly integrated with a spacious kitchen—a central pivot of the residence. Nearby, a guest bedroom and a workshop offer both comfort and functionality.

The private zones are carefully segregated on the first floor, featuring a master bedroom, three children's rooms, a classroom, playroom, and a library that also functions as a stair hall, bathroom, changing room, and yoga space. This thoughtful arrangement provides ample space for family activities and relaxation.


Ascending to the second floor reveals a cabinet, a second master bedroom, and a luxurious spa—a sanctuary of tranquility and rejuvenation. Every detail has been meticulously planned to ensure comfort and convenience throughout the residence.

Outside, the estate features additional facilities such as accommodations for staff, technical facilities, and a spacious garage accommodating up to three cars. These elements ensure that every aspect of living in this estate is not only luxurious but also practical and well-appointed.

The House in Okolitsa is more than just a residence; it is a testament to architectural excellence and a celebration of natural beauty. As it evolves and matures over time, it will continue to be a beacon of luxury living in perfect harmony with its environment.


For those seeking a blend of luxury, comfort, and nature, the House in Okolitsa stands as an unparalleled example of contemporary architecture in the Moscow region's villa communities.