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Edinburgh Fringe Fest - Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project

“Self-proclaimed “Best Band in the World” - Die Roten Punkte - return to the UK with their Joint Solo Project. Otto & Astrid - who together have won a host of awards and accolades from all over the world - have been writing new songs and arguing over whose work should appear on their hotly anticipated fifth album. But try as they might, they could not agree. So now, Berlin's Prince and Princess of Art Rock and Europop, Otto & Astrid, are pursuing solo careers, returning to Edinburgh together... separately in their very first Joint Solo Project. Expect deft slapstick, choreography, and pathos to mirror the challenges faced by society. Part theatre, part comedy, part live rock concert, 100% defective siblings.

We spoke to Astrid Rot about sibling rivalry, dream duets and award winning aspirations…

Well, this is awkward…so you’re a band, but you’ve broken up, but you’re now each other’s backing musician, am I right?

We haven't broken up as a band, (that’s all a bit complicated cos we’re brother and sister), but we are each doing separate solo projects on this tour. Unfortunately, neither of us could find backing bands to play with us, so now we have to be each other’s backing bands… So, we’ll be next to each other on stage, playing side by side, but definitely not touching. I’ll be playing drums as Otto’s backing band, and Otto will play guitar and keytar as my backing band. Otto will do all his songs first (he’s my opening act) and then I will do all my AMAZING songs as the headliner. My new solo album is called The Better Half, and Otto’s is called Exploring Myself.

You haven’t been to the Fringe since 2017, what have you been up to since then?

We did a lot of touring of Canada, New Zealand, USA and went to Australia a bunch of times which has been SO much fun! We have been running our cult hit variety night there for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the past 14 years, ut’scalled Haus Party, which we’ll also be running every Saturday night at House Of Oz here in Edinburgh. We also had a wonderful collaboration in Denver, Colorado with our friends The Handsome Little Devils and of course we’ve both been writing our own solo projects and making two incredible music videos. Otto made one for his song I Wanna Be Your Kitten and I made one for my (soon to be) HIT song, Tasty Snak.

Who would you most like to do a musical duet with, if it’s not each other?

SO many people! We’ve toured before a few times with Amanda Palmer, so I definitely would love to actually duet with her, (rather than as a trio with Otto). Also, I can play flute (as well as drums) so I’d love to be Lizzo’s drummer AND back up flute player on one of her tours. I just have to meet her first. I’d also like to do a duet with Peaches where we have a big dirty food fight together and roll around on the floor. Otto would probably want to duet with Iggy Pop doing a mash up of Iggy’s I Wanna Be Your Dog, and his song I Wanna Be Your Kitten – and I’d love to see that!!

You’ve won multiple awards as Die Roten Punkte, including Best Cabaret, Best Comedy, Most Outstanding Production… whats next? A Brit Award? A Grammy?

Yes, probably both of those plus an Olivier award for me for my acting in my music video. But most importantly maybe we should focus on Edinburgh first!! Let’s have a Fringe First first, a few Herald Angels flying in our way and why not throw in the Comedy Award, that shouldn't be too hard? I mean there’s only well over 3,000 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe right? Otto always says that art should never be a competition and no award is worth more than the respect and love of the audience. But I’m extremely competitive and wanna fly first class… so bring on those awards, some cash prizes and swanning around at all the afterparties.

Describe this show in 5 words or less. OK, you can have 5 words each.

My five words are: Crash! Rock! Loud! Explosive! Party!

Otto’s I’m sure would be: Co-dependent, Overly-emotional, Party-pooper, Poo-Poo-Pants, and Poo-Poo-Head

Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project will be performed at 7.25pm in Assembly George Square Gardens (Piccolo) from 2nd – 27th August (Not 9th or 16th)



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