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Edinburgh Fringe Fest - Party Ghost

Do we celebrate our "death day" in the afterlife as we do our birthday in the land of the living? What happens then if we die on the anniversary of our birth? Part circus, part séance, Party Ghost (Adelaide Fringe’s Best Circus Winner 2023) answers these questions in a visually striking, ghoulish depiction of purgatory through a comedic pop culture lens. Prepare to be taken on a journey through post-death via theatre, jokes, drag and cucumber sandwiches.

Here at Hinton we got the lowdown on Party Ghost’s very unique flavour of circus combined with a sinister sense of humour and why audiences of all ages will love it.

Party Ghost centres around twin sisters stuck in ‘perpetual party purgatory’. What does that mean exactly?

Without giving away too much… Many of us understand the feeling of jealousy of siblings at their 6th birthday party… imagine that going too far… on loop… in a hellish limbo of party tricks, sadistic slapstick and balloon animals that might surprise you.

Do you believe in the afterlife?

We believe the afterlife is a concept for the living - we have no idea if it’s real or not… (unless we’re talking poltergeists). It is a way to manage grief, it’s an important part of the process. That sense of being “watched over” by someone you have lost provides comfort. That being said, we also believe in the dark side of the afterlife - misunderstood entities trying to be heard!

You’ve just won the Adelaide Fringe Award for ‘Best Circus and Physical Theatre’ what sort of circus delights can we expect from Party Ghost?

We offer our own unique flavour of circus. You’ll witness a sobbing drag widow contorting herself around a trapeze, a tightly crafted acro number narrated by Vincent Price and an unconventional juggling routine that has one too many limbs involved. We bring a sinister sense of humour and what might impress you physically, will also make you gasp in disbelief at how left-of-field it is. Both Jarred and Olivia are widely respected artists having worked with world renowned circus companies including CIRCA, Circus Oz and La Clique/Soiree collaborating with the incredible director Nicci Wilks, we push the “dark clown and slapstick” elements in the show that make you feel like you are laughing at something you probably shouldn’t…

Who should come and see your show?

We love this question! It always surprises us by the varying responses we have had about our show, from 8-year-olds to 80-year-olds who love it. One audience member even said ‘it was the most life affirming show about death’. But in all honesty, everyone is invited to this paranormal party! Fans of high-level circus, dark comedy and those with a panache for the occult will really get a kick out of this wacky show.

Should circus be visually extraordinary? Or funny? Or meaningful? Or a bit of everything?

Should circus be spooooooky is the question! The beauty of circus is that it can encompass all those things! Circus brings the visually extraordinary through death defying skills, clown provides a moment of reflection on what it means to be human in the sheer absurdity of life and the person performing on stage brings a sense of meaning to the audience. Circus is diverse in style, skill and community and that’s what we love about it.

Party Ghost will be performed at 2.55pm in Assembly Checkpoint from 2nd – 27th August (Not 14th or 21st)

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