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HM Visits: El Garito

London is full of hidden gems and when you come across a new one it's pretty exciting. It's somewhere new you can take your friends or or somewhere you can keep completely to yourself. Well, between you and me I've found a new one... El Garito in Hackney.

The Small sized cocktail bar located on a side street in Hackney, is certainly somewhere you need to visit. The bar itself isn't the largest seating just 11 inside but the establishment boasts a big outside seating area, in those winter months... you'll just all have to get a little closer (with those in your Covid bubble OF COURSE!)

Like many places in London now the bar has an online menu you can scan with your phone's QR scanner and then you can order your drink with the waiter. On our visit we were informed they are using the new digital menu to get creative with their drinks illustrations.

The bar man was very knowledgeable on the cocktails,informing us he has created some of his own that feature on the meny. He also showed so my passion for the job. It was a clean process for making the cocktails, there was a very clean set up behind the bar and he just knew where everything was, meaning he was never over ran with orders as he kept on top of it all. With each cocktail presented impeccably and tasting phenomenal too.

The bar boasted a nice relaxed vibe with music - not too loud so you can have a good conversation with your friends. Certainly a new place that you should be planning a visit to! The only problem you might face... The cocktails keep bringing you back because they're so damn good!


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