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ElK Designs

It doesn't matter what area of fashion your brand targets there is always one aim - not to be the same as the rest. Now this can prove to be very difficult especially in such a fast changing fashion industry and with the rise of apparel brands but there is one area that seems to open for movement the women's handbag sector of the fashion industry. For starters there are many types of handbags a woman can have but today we are focusing on the clutch back and specifically the clutch bags from fashion brand Elk design.

The Womens Clutch bag brand is based in Los Angeles and London and they are taking the western world to a whole new level of luxury. Founder Elizabeth Pinder told us, 'At ELK Studios we understand the importance of both ethical sourcing and exquisite craftsmanship', she continued, 'To us, beautiful products are not just about appearances; great design is also about pairing elegant, sustainable materials with centuries old artisanal techniques. Here we share the process of bringing the Clutch to life'. It's very clear to see the passion from the founder in her work and there is no surprise that this is the case, Elizabeth Pinder (Elk Design founder) is an award-winning designer. Boasting huge credentials in her CV including being Trained at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Her career has seen her work for some prestigious brands across 3 continents, starting her career as an automotive designer, working for brands including BMW, Range Rover and Volvo in cities like Hong Kong and Munich.

When speaking to the brand, we wanted to find out what they felt their purpose was,'We at ELK are a multidisciplinary creative collective whose problem solving approach to design aims is to create innovative and beautifully crafted ethical products that add value to the world' they told us. With such an extraordinary founder we were quite excited to hear where this had come from and with no surprise, we were told it came right from Elizabeth herself, 'Elizabeth's natural inquisitiveness and passion for problem solving led her to found ELK Design with a number of other highly experienced designers who share her love of beautiful, human centric design. ELK Design's innovation driven approach, combined with years of creating and delivering complex OEM design programs, always leads to ingenious, elegant products that aim to leave the world a better place than when we found it', we were told

Eld Designs boasts a beautiful and what can only be described as elegantly unique range of clutch bags and you can shop the full range from ELK Design over at and get your 2021 off to the most stylish start possible.


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