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Feel Good and Fuel Today

As the UK’s fastest growing communi-tea, National Tea Day is the year-round movement helping people to discover and explore the wonderful world of tea and the infusions to be had. Inspiring new ways of brewing and consuming tea for the next generation of tea lovers! Help beat cold and flu, with a pipping hot brew on a crisp winters morning thanks to partners OTeas who work hand in hand with National Tea Day to create feel good tasting tea. 

Committed to creating delicious hand blended teas, OTeas is the number one place for the most environmentally friendly tea products. Thanks to the team at OTeas their number one committed revolves around using only the highest quality hand blended ingredients, without compromising the physical environment. OTeas is proud to use only 100% plant based packaging, 100% plastic free and biodegradable what’s not to love!

Indulge in a classic British flavour pairing with a cup of this delicious OTeas Strawberry and Cream tea blend. With a wonderful hibiscus flower base, this tea is enhanced by hints of sweet apple, distinctive rose hip, zesty orange and the unforgettably creamy taste of strawberries. Delightfully fragrant and full of naturally sweet ingredients, this tea is also caffeine free meaning it can be enjoyed at any point in the day.

Alternatively for a light-bodied infusion of a subtle citrus finish OTeas Lemongrass, Ginger & Cinnamon. A smooth balanced spice blend with a fruity and minty ginger note. For tea lovers who prefer the spicy side of life. Mild hints of all one’s favourite flavours.

Enjoy today without impacting tomorrow!

The Tea company with a difference National Tea Day coordinates events, recipes, tips, tea pairings and afternoon tea reviews. To be drank hot, cold and used to create sophisticated cocktails and mocktails discover more about National Tea Day by visiting;


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