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Fredrik Ferrier

From childhood travels to launching his music career we sat down with Made in Chelsea's Fredrik Ferrier ahead of the launch of his new track 'Perfect' (Out 17.04.2020). Since bursting onto our screens in season 1 of Made in Chelsea Ferrier has been a regular on the show ever since whilst managing other projects on the side, we get to know the half Icelandic half Chelsea boy. Born in England, the half Icelandic boy, spent his childhood moving around the world, seeing some incredible places before settling in London. Since the launch of his first track 'Feliz Navidad (She stole my heart) his music has proven to be a hit with his follower with his 3 tracks on spotify having a combined streams of over 190K. Editor in Chief sat down with the MiC model to find out about life growing up, what its like to spend your life on TV and to discuss his new music.

Whats it like to be apart of a show as popular as Made In Chelsea? 

I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of MiC...  and happy that I was there right from the start! It's always been a fun and positive experience.

How does one get on a show like Made in Chelsea?

Well now I have no idea how they choose people... But as I was one of the first characters it was different. They approached our small friendship circle in London... we all knew each other and were hanging out the whole time anyway.. my particular introduction was from Francis Boulle who is one of my best friends who I have known since I was 12.

Since Joining the show would you say its changed your life? 


In what way?

Well I am certain it hasn't changed me as a person in any way. But being on TV has opened a lot of doors but also closed some too! Either way, I am so happy I did it and am still doing it.

Half, Icelandic, half British, born in Surrey but you spent a lot of your younger years moving around, where did you go? 

Due to my dads work we moved around a lot growing up! I feel very fortunate this was my childhood as it has given me a sense of adventure and curiosity. I also love meeting people from different cultures and countries.

Whats your favourite place you've lived in? 

Stavanger, Norway or Damascus, Syria (but both come after London of course).

So what does a Half Icelandic, Chelsea boy do to fill his time?
My life can be simplified in to three categories. Music, exercise and food. Doesn't matter where I am in the world but if these three things are present then I am happy. I think its important to be able to identify three simple things within your life that make you happy and do more of them.

You're quite the musician aren't you?

Urm, I hope so!

Self taught to play the piano, that's pretty impressive. How did you do it? 

My parents had a piano and I just used to mess around on it. My burning desire to learn started when I overheard someone play Ryuichi Sakamoto in the chapel at school and that was it... I had to be able to play that song! It is to this day one of my favourite songs to play. I have had lessons in my life but not enough - if you can get a teacher its much better as you don't hard wire bad habits like I have done.

How good would you say you are?

At the piano? Not at all.

You've also shown your violin skills off on TV. Was this also self taught? 

No way! I started on the Suzuki method when I was about 6 years old. This was my main instrument uo to the age of 17 where I dislocated my shoulder and had to stop playing for a while. In all honesty i have never really resumed playing like I used to... I need to change this!

Not only can you play instruments you're a singer song writer too?

I am primarily a singer and that will always be my focus! I do love writing songs and am excited for all the unwritten tracks that I will release over the years. 

Would you say you had any musical influencers when growing up?  

My family have always listened to Stevie Wonder and George Michael... so I love them too!

Who would you say was your biggest Influence?

The musical spectrum I listen to is so broad... so there are too many to name .

How long have you been writing songs for? 

I used to write songs back in school so quite a long time... however they certainly weren't any good back then haha.

What would you say your favourite song that you've written?

There are a few and they are unreleased... and I am hoping to bring them out this year.

One song in particular has been proving to be a fan favourite with over 120,000 plays on Spotify and that is Hazy, was you expecting it to be so popular before release? 

I have always loved Hazy and I'm glad everyone else is too. I love writing songs that make people get up and go. Dancing, working out, getting fired up at home, going out etc... I love the idea that my music gives people positive energy! Its the best feeling ever. I am currently unsigned and unmanaged so all the streams come from people sharing it with friends which I think is pretty awesome!

You're new track is out this Friday (17.04.2020).

YES! I am v excited for this one!

Whats the track called?


Whats this track about? 

It captures a particular moment I had with someone the first time I went to L.A. last year. Whenever I listen to the song it transports me right back there and the whole moment was just... well see the title of the song 

Thank you for your time Fredrik. 

Thank YOU !