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From iPads and Louboutins ...

... To plastic 'Gold' Jewllery and dodgt homenmade chocolates.

Cult Hit Podcast Strippers In The Attic Describe the Best, Worst and Oddest Presents Strippers Receive At Christmas Strippers in the Attic is the cult-hit podcast in which hosts Buffy and Heaven share riotous stories of friendship, cautionary tales of misbehaviour and scandalous accounts of the unexpected from the heart of the VIP room - all delivered with humour and affection.

Season two, which launched earlier this month, continues SITA’s last year’s newly traditional Have Yourself a Stripper Little Christmas bonus mini-episode – out on 23rd December,

This year Buffy and Heaven have sought input from their friends in the stripper community to discover the most impressive, most dismal, and most confusing gifts they and their colleagues have received from fans.

Heaven, a seasoned pro at getting the very best treats from her fans has received every new edition of the iPhone, iPads, Louboutins and more.

Buffy a little less embracing of the Captain-Save-A-Ho type of customer likely to bestow expensive gifts, has more often than not found herself confronted with knock-off versions of high-end products “Channel Number 7” perfume anyone (note the double n in Channel)? It did not smell good.

But friends of our hosts have had it far worse.

In the episode we hear from Chelsea who received a virbr*tor from a highly unsavoury p*rn-star, and Verona who received a “gold” necklace, so cheap that it was only gold plastic on one side, and white on the other – it came in a great box which Verona held onto, but it says a lot when the packaging is nicer than the product.

Heven’s sister- Skyler – who is also part of the stripper community - received a present she initially thought would be beautiful – a blue velvet dress. She excitedly unwrapped the gift - only to find that it was the cheapest material possible and several sizes too big for her (pro tip – if you want to buy a stripper a dress, check in with her about her size, and try to make sure you don’t buy it from the pound shop!).

And finally, we hear from Sascha who was unsurprisingly reluctant to try the home-made chocolates offered by an older customer. What might seem like a thoughtful gift in the setting of the Women’s Institute, holds more dubious undertones in a strip-club when the chances of unwanted ingredients are too high to risk it.

Season 2 of Strippers in the Attic is running right now,

Have Yourself a Stripper Little Christmas bonus mini-episode – out on 23rd December, You can catch up with Buffy and Heaven at


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