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Men's care is certainly an area on skincare that has gown substantially over the last decade. Everyone has there own opinion as to why but whatever the reason maybe it's lead to the surge in men's health brands but only a few are making it onto the market. One U.S based brand has firmly got their feet on the ground with promising prospects to be one of the U.S if not the worlds leading brands, Gentlehomme . We sat down with the founder of the skincare brand, Salome Chemla to find out why she launched the brand and why she beleives the gentlemans skincare range has seen a significant rise.

How would you explain Gentlehomme to someone who hasn't heard about you before?

Gentlehomme is a skincare and cosmetic line designed exclusively for men. We develop high-end formulas for skin, face, and other body products of the finest quality made exclusively for men. Our greatest asset is our obsession in understanding men and designing wonderful solutions for them.

What was your motivation for launching a men's cosmetics brand?

I grew up with my father always using skincare and cosmetic products made for women. He’s a man that likes to take care of his skin and look good. I thought why not create the same products but for men. He inspired me to create Gentlehomme with designs that are both modern and timeless.

Where do you start when you decide on launching a men' skincare / cosmetics brand? 

Thinking like a man. As a woman who uses a variety of skincare and cosmetic products, I had to think like a man. What would a man think of using an eyebrow pencil? How can I make an eyebrow pencil easy to use for a man? I also thought about what I would like my partner to use when it comes to makeup. It need to be subtle enough to enhance his look while being easy and appealing to use for them. This is actually how I came up with the Men’s Private Parts Deodorant. Women are usually the ones buying it for their male partners, which is quite intriguing.

What was the most challenging part when launching your brand?

Men are very different than women, however I wouldn’t call it a challenge. That difference is actually a key aspect of what we do, so it’s rather an advantage than a challenge as we spend the time to really get to the core of their needs and aspirations.

How do you decide on what product you will bring out next?

I usually find trending products for women and design them accordingly for a man’s taste and skin. We also listen to our customer’s feedback and create products accordingly.

There used to be a stigma when it comes to men's cosmetics, what do you think changed this?

Thanks to social media and the emergence of male beauty influencers, I think makeup is becoming more gender-inclusive. I don’t think men wearing makeup is a new concept, it was just a taboo subject. Wearing makeup for men shouldn’t be something to hide, men can simply enhance their features with cosmetics without it being too obvious that they are wearing anything on their skin.

How do you think the future looks for the men's cosmetics skincare industry?

Men are already taking care of themselves by using beard and hair products so why not add 1 or 2 steps to their morning or night routine by using skincare and cosmetic products. Men are increasingly using beauty products and taking care of themselves. Today, skincare for men doesn’t have to mean purchasing a product geared towards women; women and men are fundamentally different. This is why at Gentlehomme, we design skincare products for men that welcome masculinity and invite men to take care of themselves with renewed interest.

How did Covid-19 affect business for you? 

Covid-19 hasn’t affected us overall. During Covid-19 men were still interested in taking care of their skin and overall look. We made Gentlehomme available to an increasing number of distribution channels which made them easily accessible to a large audience. 9. What are your ambitions for Gentlehomme for the next 5 years?

Gentlehomme is developing a full range of beauty and cosmetic products for men. Down the road, we want to continue for Gentlehomme to be the reference for men’s beauty. We will continue expending the number of formulas and products we offer across a large range of beauty verticals.

You can shop the full product range from Gentlehomme over at


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