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Get Ready to Rise: New Book a Paradigm Shift in Women’s Empowerment

...As Readers Free Themselves & Thrive

A unique collaboration between Sara Noel and Natasha Holland, ‘Get Ready to Rise’ is the latest resource created underneath a CIC of the same name; a raging beacon of inspiration and hope for women around the world. Within the volume, seventeen stories ignite of women overcoming the fiercest adversity, while fast-action resources equip readers with everything they need to finally start charting the life story of their dreams. One critic wrote, “Poignant, inspirational, empowering, heartening collection of women’s stories from around the world.”

Since founding their CIC to help women around the world champion over adversity and excel in all areas of life, Sara Noel and Natasha Holland have committed every ounce of their passion to helping others write the life story they crave.

While their planned 2020 conference couldn’t go ahead, the duo joined forces with Nikki Hall, Creative Writing Editor to create their latest book which forms a powerful and bold blueprint for women who feel lost, stuck or caught in cycles of adversity.

Sharing the name of their organization, ‘Get Ready to Rise’ unravels stories, resources and serves as a powerful fundraising tool for Plan International.


It is a poignant, inspirational, and empowering collection of women’s stories. Binding together different journeys from around the globe, with one universal language, women speaking their truth.

It was born directly from our online community of the same name. A community founded by a woman with a dream! A dream to provide a safe space for women to take the first step on their healing journey.

This book is a must-read for all, but especially for that woman out there who feels stuck, lost. This book is the confidence you need to say, “I am ready.”

This book is the clarity on where you are going.

This book is the courage to take that first step.

This book is the connection with the single most important thing. You!

This book is dedicated with love to the beautiful Rehtaeh Parsons who is very much here in spirit with her mum Leah Parsons (co-author) who continues to campaign for justice for her daughter whilst focusing on wellness through the education, awareness and prevention of sexualized violence and cyber-abuse through The Rehtaeh Parsons Society.

“We wanted to create a compendium of women’s stories from around the world; women who have the most profound and uplifting stories to tell, but have rarely been given a voice,” says Natasha. “We are absolutely in awe of the women we collaborated with. Alongside their stories, the co-authors have also crafted very powerful worksheets that are directly linked to each story.”

Continuing, “It all comes together to form a life-changing and potentially life-saving toolkit for women – no matter where they live, and no matter their situation in life. I’ll admit, most women are being held back from achieving their true potential, and it just doesn’t have to be that way. Sara and I will inspire any woman to RISE – to grab life by the horns and refuse anything less than life on their own terms.”

‘Get Ready to Rise’ is due for release on 2nd December 2020.

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