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Gifts and Subscriptions to Help Dads Shine

LoveYourself – Eat premium, freshly prepared and healthy food on subscription. Options include low-carb, balanced, performance, Dairy Free, Keto, Gluten Free and more. Their gourmet food ensures you have nutritional calorie-controlled diets that make you on top form and glowing from the goodness. All food is delivered to your door, ready to be reheated and perfect for hectic lifestyles or those who want amazing food to aid their diet. Prices cost from £15 per day at

Calvin Klein Trunks 3 Pack – Feel confident in your own body. offers a range of pants and you’d guessed it socks, for all body types including the on-trend dadbods. This Calvin Klein Three-pack is made with the finest materials: for comfort and breathability. Costing £38 from the price can be reduced by a further 10% if you subscribe to get them delivered regularly, every month, 2 months, or 3 months. They’ll be delivered fresh through your door. Saving money in the process, other brands include Ted Baker, CR7, Polo Ralph Lauren, GANT, and more.

Solid Cologne - Made from natural wax the skin-friendly cologne is applied directly to the skin. Solid Cologne offers 13 stunning colognes and is made from natural ingredients including beeswax, shea butter & jojoba oil. which all support, hydrate, and protect the skin. The portable small pocket-sized sliding tins have a certain aura about them and are perfect for carrying in pockets, gym bags and are even suitable for in-flight bags. Discreetly packaged, the application is fast and easy. Whip it out wherever you are and stay sharp whatever the occasion. Prices start from £19.99 from

Zerowater - 12 cup £39.99 – Bin plastic bottles and pick up Zerowater. Its powerful technology removes virtually all dissolved solids from tap water including metals, chemicals and toxins. It removes almost as twice as many solids as other water filter brands, leaving you with the purest tasting water that will keep you hydrated all day. The Zerowater 12 Cup costs £39.99 from

Vlogging Tripod – Look sharp on zoom calls with the Vlogging Tripod that comes complete with a backlight to ensure your look bright and ready to go. It is all about the perfect shot, forget filters and get ready for the lights, camera, action. The Vlogging Tripod is available for just 7.99 from