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Gifts for green fingered Mums this Mothers day

During the pandemic with restrictions being given to our usual outdoor activities having a home garden has been essential to most of us. Having house plants and the abundance of nature indoors and around us is amazing for mental health and wellbeing. We've have compiled a list of our top 10 products essential for home gardening for those Green Fingered Mums this Mothers day.

1. Pocket Pruner Multi tool 12 in 1 available from Kikkerland for £23

This 12-in-1 pocket-sized pruner is essential around the garden. Unfold this handsome beechwood tool for pruning garden plants and use the remaining tools for household tasks.

Pocket Trowel Multi tool available from Menkind for £22.50

This Pocket Trowel multi tool has a weed puller, saw, root, remover, and pruning knife built into the handle. It’s a super handy tool for gardeners.

Daisy The Dachshund Planter available from Kikkerland for £15

Plants best friend, Cute!

Solar Queen Available in pink or blue from Kikkerland for £20

God Save the Queen! The Solar Queen, that is! The Solar Queen is a must-have for any lover of the crown. Just set Her Majesty in the sun and watch her give her classically elegant wave the world has known for decades! If you never get to meet the queen, getting a wave from The Solar Queen is the next best thing! All you need is a spot of sunlight! You may never get that invitation to Buckingham Palace, but you can invite The Solar Queen to tea any day! Just give The Solar Queen a little sun and you'll feel like the guest of honour. The Solar Queen is the perfect way to pay tribute to Her Royal Majesty.

Elroy The Royal Corgi – Solar Powered available from Kikkerland for £17.50

The Queen of England has 5 Welsh corgis: Emma, Linnet, Monty, Holly and Willow. Her Majesty loves corgis so much that designer Chris Collicot created Elroy, a corgi companion for the Solar Queen.

Solar Gnome available from Kikkerland for £20

This magical earth dweller perches and smiles on your windowsill and uses the sun to wave "Hello!"

Industrial Watering Can available from Kikkerland for £20

Heavy-duty for home gardening. Holds 950 ml.

Water From A Crystal Available from Kikkerland for £15

These clever hand blown glass crystals are the perfect way to consistently water your plants. Simply fill with water and place in your flower pot with the cork stopper facing down. It will drip water into your plants soil over the course of 3 to 4 days.

Industrial Plant Mister from Kikkerland for £20

Heavy-dusty for home gardening. Holds 350 ml.

Brass Plant Mister Available from Amazon for £20

Water your flowers in classic style with this polished finish mist sprayer. Not only is this product useful, but also cute decoration for any room. Simply fill, point and push the top.