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Gifts Under £50 that'll sparkle on Christmas morning

  • FIYAH’s range of jewellery will be sure to impress this Christmas

  • The delicate collection comes in silver, gold and rose gold

  • Rings are adjustable, to make gifting easier

Finding gifts which will impress while on a budget can be tough, but luckily the gift of jewellery never fails. FIYAH’s collection of fine, nature-inspired bracelets, rings and necklaces are sure to steal the show and belie their prices. The delicate range is designed to generate positivity energy, making them perfect for spreading Christmas cheer to loved ones. What’s more, rings are adjustable - which take the guessing out of jewellery gifting.

Feathers are synonymous with love, guidance and support and receiving this feather ring under the Christmas tree will certainly help loved ones to feel supported in their life choices. A beautiful present to receive, gifting a loved one this ring will give them more than just a piece of jewellery to enjoy. Fully adjustable to fit any finger, the ring is made from sterling silver and is available in three colour ways, silver, gold and rose gold, to suit all tastes. The plume ring is also available in 9ct gold (£179) and 18ct gold (£399).

Crafted from sterling silver and inspired by the water, this ring’s beauty lies within its simplicity.

The wave ring signifies healing, cleansing and purifying for the wearer making it a special gift to give some you love this Christmas.

Cleverly designed to wrap around the finger, the ring is easily adjustable so the buyer need not worry about size when ordering online.

£45 - £49 Help loved ones banish negative energy this Christmas with the adjustable sterling silver crystal feather ring.

The gemstone combined with the silver feather design makes this ring a meaningful gift that represents healing and angelic protection.

What’s more, the ring is adjustable so that it provides the perfect fit for every wearer and is available in silver, gold and rose gold.

Adjustable Protection Ring - £45- £49 What better way to show you care than presenting your loved one with this protection ring on Christmas morning.

Guardian angels bring love and protection, and this ring will help give the recipient the feeling of validation and comfort in their day-to-day life.

The wearer is sure to feel safe and happy upon receiving this gift with its ethereal significance, and with an adjustable band picking the right size won’t be an issue. The Adjustable protection ring is also available in silver, gold and rose gold.

Dual Plume Earrings - £39 - £45 Feathers represent love, new beginnings and protection from evil – making these earrings the perfect Christmas gift for those you care about this year.

The dual plume feather earrings are an elegant choice for anyone who likes a stylish piece with added meaning and can be matched with the adjustable plume ring for a coordinated style.

Available in both silver and gold, these earrings will be a welcome gift under the Christmas tree.

Effortlessly elegant, this feather pendant will provide meaning and protection from the angels for the wearer.

Available in silver, gold and rose gold, this piece is ideal for anyone looking to add an additional layer of significance to their look this Christmas.

Completing the plume feather range, the bangle follows the same beautiful feather design.

Reminding the wearer angels are nearby, protecting and guiding them, loved ones will be touched by the significance of receiving this bracelet.

Like the rings, this bracelet can be adjusted to fit the wearer and is available in silver, gold and rose gold.

FIYAH produces a range of gold, rose gold and silver bracelets, necklaces and rings, designed to create a lasting impression. The FIYAH collection is available to buy at with prices starting at £19.

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