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Grangers: The Quintessential British Guardian Against the Elements

Deep in the heart of Derbyshire, adjacent to the captivating landscapes of the Peak District, stands a brand that has been the embodiment of British outdoor resilience since 1937: Grangers. With unpredictable British weather as its muse, Grangers has etched a legacy that transcends fleeting trends, offering timeless protection to adventurers and everyday explorers alike.

Grangers Logo

From its inception, Grangers has taken immense pride in its British heritage. This isn't just about a 'Made in Britain' label. By keeping the majority of its manufacturing process local, in the serenity of Derbyshire, Grangers ensures an unparalleled quality in its products, a testament to meticulous oversight and the brand's unwavering standards.

Grangers isn't just about protection from the elements; it's about doing so responsibly. With historical milestones such as the groundbreaking introduction of the world's first waterproofing solution in 1947, the brand has continuously led with innovation. Their commitment to environmental sustainability was further solidified in 2007 when Grangers achieved the coveted bluesign® system partner status, underlining a promise to produce eco-friendly, high-performance products.

Behind the renowned products and eco-friendly initiatives is a team that's as quirky as it is passionate. At Grangers, work and play blend seamlessly. Whether it's testing a new product or embracing the outdoors, the spirit of #GetOutside resonates deeply within the team. Their core objective? To ensure you're shielded against the elements, so your adventures remain limitless.

Grangers' influence isn't limited to the aisles of outdoor stores. Their formulations have ventured to the very pinnacle of the world – the Mount Everest. In 1953, Grangers played a pivotal role in the first successful Everest summit, proofing the gear against the harshest of conditions. Modern-day adventurers, like Ben Saunders, continue to trust the brand on their daunting polar expeditions.

The Footwear CareKit Priced at £21.00, Grangers' Footwear CareKit embodies the brand's holistic approach to protection. This all-in-one kit offers tools to rejuvenate and safeguard every type of footwear. From the powerful bluesign® approved Footwear + Gear Cleaner to the versatile Footwear Repel Plus, each component serves a unique purpose.

Grangers Footwear Carekit

The sturdy Footwear Brush, with its tough bristles, ensures no dirt remains, while the Odour Eliminator addresses the unseen – odours, without merely masking them. With this kit, Grangers promises to be the silent companion on every step of your journey, from quiet local walks to tumultuous mountaineering endeavors.

While deeply rooted in British soil, Grangers' reach is undeniably global. Trusted in over 50 countries, this Derbyshire-born brand has become a household name for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, proving that quality and commitment never get lost in translation.

The Grangers story isn't just about its rich past; it's an ongoing narrative of innovation, commitment, and unparalleled protection. For those who yearn to venture into the wild, to challenge the unpredictable, or to simply relish the outdoors, Grangers promises to be there, shielding you, your gear, and our shared environment. Dive deeper into the world of Grangers and discover products tailored to your adventures by visiting their official website:

With every raindrop repelled, with every gust of wind defied, Grangers stands as a testament to British resilience, echoing the sentiment: Think Different, Live Different, and Explore More.


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