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"Happy Birthday ... You're Diabetic!”- Chef David Green’s biography of living with diabetes

Just about to turn 25, a completed catering apprenticeship at London’s Connaught Hotel and life is good. Then it’s your birthday and you’re dealt a curve ball that will be with you for ever – a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. Dealing with the condition’s highs and lows, David went on to enjoy a highly successful career spanning 30 years. Here he tells his story and shares 70 delicious recipes specially adapted for diabetics.

Having learnt to embrace the new challenges and hurdles facing him, David offers a no-holes barred account of coming to terms with the condition that he has now lived with for 30 years. With his determination to live the life he was intending evident on every page, and despite the inevitable lows, David travelled the world as a chef and continued doing what he loves best – cooking and enjoying food.

David Green’s biography, complete with 70 recipes adapted for diabetics, shares the ups and downs of living your dream life with Type 1 Diabetes


Following a three-year hotel catering course and a successful apprenticeship at the renowned Connaught Hotel, David Green was in the midst of a fervent chef career. However, on the day of his 25th birthday something gate-crashed the party ...the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.

Follow the tumultuous journey of an insulin-dependent diabetic professional chef. Learn the challenges, understand the problems, and live through all the highs and lows in maintaining day-to-day normality.

Accompanied by more than 70 recipes, all created by the author during his chef career spanning 30 years, beginning in London's Mayfair to Canada, Wales, the Lake District, Norfolk coast and more.

The author says:

“It was a goal to write this book, about my career and travels and how diabetes changed my life. I hope it helps, entertains and interests many diabetics, their families and friends.”


“This is a fascinating book reflecting a very personal journey. Living with type one diabetes while being a professional chef can’t be easy. In fact, it’s hard to imagine. However, David overcame obstacles to enjoy a very successful career and this book gives real insight into that journey.”

Published by ShieldCrest, "Happy Birthday ... You're Diabetic!” by David Green is available in paperback (£24.99) from and in Kindle format (£6.99) from


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