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How to beat the summer rush with a BNPL holiday for as little as £38 per month

Research by Butter, the UK’s only Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) travel agency, has highlighted how holidaymakers can secure their trip abroad to a green list destination this summer, beating the rush and spreading the cost of their holiday for as little as £38 per month.

Last week’s green list announcement presented pretty slim pickings for those keen to commit to a holiday abroad this year, with Portugal and Gibraltar presenting the closest options to home with the best beach holiday potential.

As a result, demand for holidays to these destinations is likely to be high with this heightened demand also likely to drive up costs.

The good news? Butter’s research shows that currently, Gibraltar is the most affordable green light destination with a seven-day trip averaging £378, while Portugal isn’t far behind at £446.

In contrast, the same trip to Australia will set you back an average of £1,953, with New Zealand also one of the most expensive destinations at £1,452.

However, opting for a Buy Now Pay Later travel agent such as Butter can allow holidaymakers to book up now to avoid missing out, as well as providing a more affordable route to those making a last-minute, snap decision to head away.

Butter allows holiday makers to spread the cost of their holiday over 10 more manageable instalments, interest-free with no hidden charges further down the line. With Butter, a holiday can be secured for a small, initial 10% payment, with a further nine instalments at the same amount.

This means a holiday to Portugal, for example, can be secured for £45 with nine further monthly instalments of £45. Even a trip to Sydney can be secured for as little as £195 per month, allowing holidaymakers to venture further than they might have otherwise.

By doing so, holiday makers can secure their flights and hotel now without having to wait until payday. But spreading the cost provides even more convenience to those booking some last-minute summer sun. Booking with Butter enables travellers to head away before they’ve paid the full balance, meaning you can book today, travel tomorrow and spread the cost over the coming months, making a trip abroad even easier this summer.

Not only do you pay the price quoted at checkout and nothing more, as Butter is the UK’s first BNPL travel agent booking a holiday with them also means you receive Section 75 protection. This means should your flights or hotel cancel due to Covid Butter has you covered, providing peace of mind as well as greater financial freedom.

Timothy Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of Butter, commented:

“Holidays are back on the menu this summer, but digesting the various Covid requirements depending on where you choose to travel could still make it a tricky business. However, choosing to spread the cost via a Buy Now Pay Later travel agent can, at least, take the problems out of paying for it.

For some, the ability to spread the cost of a holiday will enable them to get a foot in the door and book now before flights and hotels become scarce and prices start to climb.

For others, the ability to transact on a bigger ticket purchase without having to pay upfront may well broaden their horizons in terms of where they choose to travel, opting for the likes of Australia or New Zealand over Gibraltar or Portugal.

For others, it’s likely to help shoulder the financial burden of any last ditch decisions to head away at short notice, with the cost of doing so always likely to be higher when compared to planning months ahead.

Whatever the reason, spreading the cost can help holidaymakers better manage their finances without having to forsake another year of summer sun.”

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