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How to Style T Shirts Entering Late Winter 2024

T shirts in winter? We must sound crazy. Surely this is the season for strictly jumpers and cardigans? 

It can feel like it, sometimes, but there are some easy ways to style your t shirts in late winter without turning to ice the second you leave your home. And the t shirt is a classic, you can style it so much easier than jumpers.

Read on to find out more.

Hung up t shirts

Layering Is Essential For Winter

You can't go out during winter without layering - especially if your base layer is just a t shirt. Picking a good quality t shirt also helps, you can find tons of wholesale t shirts from online retailers like Wordans that are high quality, basic, and easy to layer up. You don't need a designer t shirt. You only need a high-quality one. 

Then, you can build your layers. Think cardigans, zip-up jumpers, jackets, coats. We'd recommend combining cardigans with coats for extra warmth. 


Jeans are the best pairing for t shirts. What jeans you pick depends on what style you're going for, but in 2024, skinny jeans are out. The long reign of high-waisted skinny jeans is over. No more popping buttons open after dinner. 

Instead, you want to find looser-fitting jeans. They can still be high-waisted but just loose-fitted. Ripped jeans are in style, but they're not for everyone. Standard-style mom or flared jeans are OK.

Going extra casual and pairing them with some wide-leg flared joggers can also look good, especially in winter. 


We love accessories. And with simple t shirt styles, you don't need to go crazy. A simple gold or silver necklace, or two or three that fit well, is enough. Add in earrings and rings, and that's all you need. You don't need crazy jewellery to style a t shirt outfit. Simple is better. 

Outerwear Choices

If we're creating an article that's focused on styling a t shirt, you don't want to cover it up too much. Avoid hoodies, which can feel impossible when it's -3 outside but feels like -30.

Instead, think about wearing a long coat, puffer jacket, scarves, and hats. Build your layers around the t shirt without covering it up. You could also wear a cardigan under the coat for extra warmth. On the -3 days, you'll need it.

Bold Prints and Textures

Bold prints are in. The wrong bold print can look tacky, don't get us wrong, but some bold print looks edgy. Anime-style prints look cool if paired with loose ripped jeans and a puffer jacket. Textured fabrics can also look nice, but don't go around in a silk t shirt.

When styling printed or textured tees, keep the rest of your outfit relatively relaxed so the print is the stand-out colour. If you're following 2024 fashion trends, you don't want to overdo it with colour.

Comfortable Footwear

If you're a shoe person, you'll know how much footwear influences the rest of your outfit. Boots? Smart casual or casual. Trainers? Casual? Heels? Where's the margarita? 

And the best footwear will make you comfy. Not that we always choose comfort over style when it comes to going out. Pair your t shirt with if you want a more classy look, or trainers for something more relaxed. Nike Air Force 1s are stylish trainers.

T shirts in winter? We could never, unless we're wearing the right. Late winter always seems to be the coldest part - someone definitely controls the weather and turns it Arctic. But style it right, and you can wear a basic t in winter, look good, and not get frostbite. 


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