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I Know You by Heart: Navigating the Dementia Journey

With over four decades of service to older adults, Angie Swetland’s ‘I Know You by Heart: Navigating the Dementia Journey’ brings together advice, vignettes and wisdom – helping people along the fragile, often confusing journey of caring for someone with dementia. It’s a compilation of true tales from those who have been there before, helping caregivers understand they are not alone – and their biggest struggles have already been conquered. One critic wrote, “This was an incredibly insightful, simple, educational, and empathetic read. Mixed with stories, anecdotes, inspiring quotes, suggested resources/support, and real-life tips Angie Swetland has managed to compile a compassionate compendium of care to help those in need.”

Every year, millions are forced to contend with a dementia diagnosis for someone they love. Yet it’s news that can bring a family crashing to the ground, cripple them with fear and open the floodgates to unchartered waters unlike anything seen before.

As Angie Swetland has seen time and time again, the uncertainty of the illness for caregivers only compounds the tragic circumstances the sufferer faces. However, in her new book, Angie brings together a collection of true stories and vignettes from those who have “been there before”.

The message in ‘I Know You by Heart: Navigating the Dementia Journey’ is simple – that the person suffering with dementia deserves love, respect and the very best care. And it’s more than possible.


In the U.S. today, over 5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementia. Each of these individuals has a story. And each one has caregivers, with stories of their own. You have questions – so many questions about what is happening now, and what is to come. How do I cope with this new manifestation of the disease? How do I prepare for an uncertain future? This is especially true when just navigating your way through each day can be overwhelming. Contained within these pages are answers to some of your questions as well as strategies for your future. In navigating this journey, it is important to remember two essential truths. The first is that the body may fail, and the mind may wander, but the spirit – the person inside - remains intact. The caregiver’s role is to maximize the remaining strengths of the person they care for. The second is that you are not alone. Caregiving is often an isolating experience. Stories from the lives of others let us know that our experiences are not unique. Be assured that many have gone before, and others are walking the same road today.

“I’ve trained many people, professionally, to help care for those with dementia,” explains the author. “I’ve seen the fear in their eyes and the weight on their hearts. While a person’s body may shut down and their mind way wander, every patient retains their soul and individuality until the very end. This book helps caregivers recognize and embrace this, so every patient can thrive during their hardest days.”

Continuing, “No matter how alone you feel as a caregiver, I can guarantee there’s someone else out there just like you. And they likely have answers to some of your most urgent questions. In this book, I bring them together so you can find direction and solace through people who are exactly like you are.”

Reviews have been extremely positive. Jodi Davis writes, “I thought this book would be sad (having lost a grandmother to Alzheimer's I'm familiar with this tragic disease); however it was encouraging, practical, and honestly a joy to read. Swetland has a passion for caregiving and after a long career in elderly care shares real-life stories and practical tips on recognizing and navigating dementia. Written for those diagnosed with dementia, as well caregivers, this is a great reference book for anyone looking for information and support.”

M.A. Smith adds, “Taking care of a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease and/or dementia is very difficult. The mental and physical demands are exhausting. And caregivers who want to take a break to reenergize often feel guilty or ashamed. They feel as though they are abandoning their loved one. Angie Swetland breaks this down and explains the loneliness and physical, emotional, and spiritual demands dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease has on families, medical caregivers, and those who have sacrificed everything to take care of their loved ones.”

‘I Know You by Heart: Navigating the Dementia Journey’ is published by Cresting Wave Publishing, and available now:

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