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In Harmony with Nature: A House for Two in Repino by Kerimov Architects

Nestled in the tranquil forests near Saint Petersburg, Russia, lies a remarkable architectural feat—a 280 sq. m house designed for a couple seeking solace far from the urban hustle. Crafted by Kerimov Architects, this residence in Repino is a testament to the harmonious blend of modern design and natural beauty.

Historical Context and Architectural Inspiration

Repino, once known as Kuokkala, was part of the Finnish volost Terijoki. The architects took inspiration from this historical context, incorporating elements of traditional Finnish architecture and the scenic Karelian landscapes into the design. The result is a dwelling that not only pays homage to the region's history but also complements its natural surroundings.

Meticulous Design and Site Topography

One of the most striking aspects of this house is its thoughtful integration with the site's topography. The building is recessed to align flush with the landscape, a design choice that serves a functional purpose as well. This recessed architecture ensures that water from heavy rainfall or snowmelt does not inundate the terraces, thereby preserving both the structure and the natural terrain.

Material Choices and Aesthetic Harmony

Kerimov Architects opted for natural materials like stone, wood, and metal, staying true to the project's ethos of environmental harmony. The single-story structure is human-scaled, fitting seamlessly into its surroundings. This is further enhanced by panoramic windows that forge an inseparable connection between the interior and exterior, as well as a rhythmic façade that balances the vertical lines of the surrounding pine trees.

Interior Spaces and Functionality

The interior of the house is as meticulously designed as its exterior. It features a spacious living room, a large dining area, a fully-equipped kitchen, a master bedroom, a home office, and several bathrooms. A guest bedroom is also included, designed specifically for the clients' grandchildren. Additionally, the house boasts a one-car garage, adding a layer of convenience to this serene abode.

The Terraces: A Unique Feature

Special attention has been given to the design of two terraces. The first is slightly recessed and covered, offering protection from rain and direct sunlight. The second is more compact and open, ideal for sunbathing. Both terraces provide stunning, peaceful views of the forest, serving as perfect spots for relaxation and contemplation.

Future Outlook and Project Status

As of now, the project is ongoing, but its vision is clear: to create a home that stands as a beacon of architectural innovation and environmental harmony.

The house in Repino by Kerimov Architects is more than just a residence; it's a sanctuary where modern design meets natural beauty. With its thoughtful architectural choices, use of natural materials, and respect for the environment, this house sets a new standard for sustainable living. As the project nears completion, it stands as a promising example of what can be achieved when architecture is in harmony with nature.