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Influncer collaboration lands new cornish sea salt topper on waitrose shelves

The UK’s fastest growing salt brand Cornish Sea Salt is launching its Super Seed Topper in Waitrose.

The Super Seed Topper is the first ‘collaboration’ mix for the salt brand, teaming up with author and cook Elly Curshen the 155g pinch pots will land in stores from July 5th.

Cornish Sea Salt has blended its popular Smoked Salt Flakes with dried onion, garlic, golden linseeds, nigella and poppy seeds creating an easy-to-use seasoning.

The supermarket listing follows the success of a ‘limited-edition’ campaign run by Cornish Sea Salt this Spring. February’s direct to consumer sales placed the Super Seed Topper as the second highest selling product ahead of their core range of sea salts, seeing an overall 243% increase in sales compared to 2020.

The brand attributes the success to its marketing activation and working in collaboration with Elly Curshen.

The innovative blend impressed the Waitrose buyer, resulting in the summer listing alongside the Really Garlicky and Salt & Peppery Simple Seasoning blends. The new lines will sit with the existing core Cornish Sea Salt Crystals and Flakes on shelf and online.

Cornish Sea Salt Managing Director, Philip Tanswell said: “We first launched the collaboration on our direct-to-consumer channel in February as part of an influencer marketing campaign. Within the first week we had organically reached more than two million people.

“Collaboration blends are a new venture for Cornish Sea Salt. As we take the portfolio in this direction, we hope to encourage shoppers to further use our product as a go-to for recipes and home-cooking occasions. The Super Seed Topper by Elly Curshen is a natural brand fit for the Waitrose, we are looking forward to seeing in stores.”

Known virtually as Elly Pear, Elly Curshen has become the go-to influencer cook and recipe developer for seasonal meat-free dishes with three best-selling cookery books under her apron. A long-time fan of Cornish Sea Salt the collaboration was an opportunity for Curshen to recreate one of her recipes as a cupboard staple that could be added to multiple dishes as a seasoning.

Speaking about the product, Elly Curshen said: “We have created a blend of seeds, dried onion, dried garlic and smoked sea salt, something I’ve been mixing for years now I don’t have to make it from scratch. This topper recipe can be used across all sorts of dishes and is allergen-free.”

The Super Seed Topper is available for £2.99 RRP.

Cornish Sea Salt is rich in over 60 minerals, including magnesium and calcium, drawn from the unique properties of Cornwall’s grade A purity seawater on the Lizard Peninsular. The salt delivers maximum flavour with naturally occurring sodium levels that are lower than table salt.


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