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Inspire Creative Play Without Compromise

Get Creative with Geomagworld. Embrace magnetic play with a range of sets for all ages and abilities. Each set is made from recycled plastic and sustainable sources.

Unlock their imagination with the power of magnets and watch in awe as shapes come to life in vibrant colours. Get stuck in to some quality family time – build structures, master engineering challenges and create masterpieces. All whilst ensuring play time is green.

For Ages 1+ Geomag (201) Magicube Animals 9-Piece Blocks Magnetic Building Set £24.99 from

Made from 100% recycled plastic this set contains 9 magnetic cubes, incl. 3 cubes, 3 half cubes, and 3 quarter circles - perfect for inspiring imagination and curiosity in children of all ages. Designed to help develop eye-hand coordination, creativity & problem-solving skills – Geomag’s Animal Shapes is the perfect way to keep your kids busy & learning for hours on end.

For Ages 3+ Geomag (328) Glow 25-Piece Magnetic Building Set £19.99 from

A revolutionary way for kids to unleash their creative minds! With our new plant-based glow technology and 100% recycled plastic, let imagination take centre stage and build limitless shapes, animals, and moving vehicles. Not only does it provide hours of fun and learning for children, but it's also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Get ready to explore the amazing world of STEM with Geomag Glow Eco Recycled-- the perfect combination of entertainment & education!

For Ages 3+ Geomag (535) Glitter 35-Piece Magnetic Building Set £25.99 from

Uncover a unique, thought-provoking way for your child to play! Geomag Glitter Eco Recycled magnetic toys are the perfect way to explore science, creativity, and engineering using 100% recycled plastic materials. With its sparkly and colorful pieces, children can challenge their minds and express themselves in an innovative way. Unlock their brightest potential and let them shine.

For Ages 3+ Geomag (383) Supercolour 42-Piece Magnetic Building Set £29.99 from

Unleash your inner scientist with Geomag Supercolour. Embrace creativity and learning by letting your little ones explore the wonders of science through a fun & engaging magnetic building game. The pieces are 100% recycled and made with high-quality materials for a long-lasting, eco-friendly play experience.

For Ages 5+ Geomag (038) E-motion Magnetic Spinning 32-Piece Building Set £21.99 from

This fast-paced, creative spinning set is easy to construct. The Geomag E-Motion is made from 100% recycled plastic. Each set is an inventive system of rods and magnetic spheres, giving you the power to build amazing creations. Get ready for hours of fun with these unique spinning to really get STEM learning really moving.

For Ages 8+ Geomag (763) Mechanics Gravity Loops & Turns 130-Piece Magnetic Building Set £36.99 from

Experience the power of mechanical forces and discover why it's becoming the go-to choice for expert players! Build and create your own incredible structures using an innovative magnetic cannon, master gravity with spheres that move in harmonious motion, witness how cleverly designed pieces respond to life-like momentum, and take your game to a next-level complexity. With the Geomag Mechanics set, allow yourself to redefine the boundaries of magnetic model building and explore an entire universe of creative possibilities. An easy combo system allows endless possibilities as sets can be connected with one another.

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